We want to make sure that you know about the major updates available for Cisco Desk Camera. You can always check the latest release notes to see more detailed information about the smaller and more frequent updates.

June 2022

A new product launched: Cisco Desk Camera 1080p

Cisco Desk Camera 1080p is a full HD webcam that offers excellent video experience for various workplaces.

For more information about this new product, see Cisco Desk Camera 1080p Data Sheet and Cisco Desk Camera 1080p product page.

Cisco Desk Camera App 3.0

Cisco Desk Camera App version 3.0 provides you with a new user interface and more new features.

See Release notes for Cisco Desk Camera App for more details about this release and help documentation for how to use the app with your camera.

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Features in development

Join Camera Beta Program with one click

Toggle on Beta firmware on the Cisco Desk Camera app to join our Beta Program.

Beta testing lets you test and experience the latest camera features and settings before they get released to all Cisco Desk Camera users. As a beta tester, you’ll receive our latest firmware updates and have the opportunity to provide valuable feedback to our developers.

Camera analytics in Control Hub

Use Control Hub analytics to track and analyze camera use in your organization.


Best Overview

Best overview ensures that you are properly framed in your video, even if you move about your workspace. Use this feature if you often move around during your meetings.

Saturation Setting

Saturation setting allows you to control the vividness of your image so you always look your best.

New Color Theme for the Camera App

We changed the Webex Desk Camera app interface to dark color mode. Update your camera app to the latest version to experience the new user interface.


Camera Inventory Report through Webex for VDI

On Cisco Control Hub, you can view the inventory information for the cameras that work with Webex in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environments.

This feature requires Webex Release 41.6 or later on the hosted virtual desktops (HVD) and the Webex VDI plugin with Release 41.6 or later on the Windows thin clients.


Camera Firmware and App Update

You can use the Update button on the Cisco Desk Camera app and easily update both your camera firmware and your camera app.

Improvements on Autofocus and Image Noise Reduction

In this release, we deliver image quality improvements including autofocus and image noise reduction. This improves your video experience in different workspaces and light conditions.