February, 2024

The Cisco Desk Camera app has been replaced with the Cisco Accessory Hub desktop app. This provides a consistent user experience on the desktop to configure Cisco Desk Cameras and Headsets.

Go to the following links for information about how to install and use the Cisco Accessory Hub desktop app:

We will no longer update this Release Notes as of the launch of the Cisco Accessory Hub desktop app. For information about the app updates, see Release Notes for Cisco Accessory Hub desktop app.

April 12, 2023

Cisco Desk Camera App version 3.1.0101.13 contains some fixes and no new features.

For the fixes, see the Resolved bugs list in the Open and resolved bugs section.

October 18, 2022

Cisco Desk Camera App version 3.1.0001.2 contains the following enhancements:

Improved camera position preset

The default camera position is saved as the Default preset. You can easily switch between the default and your custom presets.

If you've changed the camera position while using a preset, you can save the changes to update the preset or undo the changes to revert the camera position back to the preset original position.

Changing settings without stopping video streaming

You can change the camera settings with the Cisco Accessory Hub desktop app even when the camera is in use for a video meeting.

June 1, 2022

Cisco Desk Camera App version 3.0.0001.4 delivers the following new features and changes:

Application renaming

The name of the camera app has changed to Cisco Desk Camera App from Webex Desk Camera App.

New user interface with dual color themes

We redesigned the camera app user interface to provide you with more explicit navigation on the settings and features. You can also switch the app appearance theme between the Dark and Light mode.

Presets for camera positions and image settings

You can preset the camera settings for digital pan, tilt, and zoom and quickly switch to a particular preset when you need it.

This version comes with two sets of predefined image contrast and saturation settings: Natural and Vibrant. The Natural preset is used by default. You can also customize and save your own contrast and saturation settings for later use.

March 24, 2022

The camera app version 2.4.0101.4 contains some fixes and no new features.

October 1, 2021

The camera app version 2.4.0001.2 delivers the following new features:

Best Overview

Best overview ensures that you’re properly framed in your video, even if you move about your workspace. Use this feature if you often move around during your meetings.

By default, this feature is disabled. You can enable it from the Webex Desk Camera app.

Saturation setting

Saturation setting allows you to control the vividness of your image so you always look your best. You can adjust the setting from the Webex Desk Camera app.

New color theme for the camera app

We changed the Webex Desk Camera app interface to dark color mode. Update your camera app to the latest version to experience the new user interface. This change doesn't need any configuration.

August 9, 2021

The camera app version 2.3.0101.10 delivers the following new feature:

Improved camera app restart

This enhancement for the Cisco Webex Desk Camera app allows you to return to work even quicker. It will take less than ten seconds for the app to restart after the next update.

This improvement doesn't require any configuration.

June 1, 2021

The camera app version 2.3.0001.3 delivers the following new feature:

Camera firmware and app update

You can use the Updates button on the Webex Desk Camera app and easily update both the camera firmware and the camera app.

February, 2021

The initial version of Webex Desk Camera App is released with Webex Desk Camera.

Known problems (bugs) are graded according to severity. This article contains descriptions of the following:
  • Open bugs of severity 1 to 4

  • Resolved bugs of severity 1 to 4

Because defect status continually changes, the list reflects a snapshot of the defects that were open at the time new firmware is released.

Before you begin

You need the following to access the Bug Search Tool:
  • An internet connection

  • A web browser

  • A Cisco.com username and password


Open the Bug Search Tool.


Sign in with your Cisco.com username and password.


Enter the bug ID number in the Search for field and press Enter.

What to do next

For information on how to search for bugs, create saved searches, and create bug groups, select Help on the Bug Search Tool page.

There aren't unresolved bugs in the most recent firmware release.

We've resolved the following bug in Cisco Desk Camera App Release 3.1.0101.13:

  • CSCwe69887 Companion app is just a grey box