You can change the language when your device is not in a call or a meeting.

When you change the language settings, the soft keyboard on your device reflects that change. This means that you can use the alphabet of your preferred language when you use the keyboard, for example when you search in the directory.

Board, Desk, and Room Series devices support the following languages:

  • English (US)

  • English (UK)

  • French (France)

  • French (Canada)

  • German

  • Spanish (Spain)

  • Spanish (Latin America)

  • Catalan

  • Arabic

  • Czech

  • Danish

  • Finnish

  • Hebrew

  • Hungarian

  • Italian

  • Japanese

  • Korean

  • Dutch

  • Norwegian

  • Polish

  • Portuguese (Portugal)

  • Portuguese (Brazil)

  • Russian

  • Swedish

  • Turkish

  • Chinese (Simplified)

  • Chinese (Traditional)

  1. Open device settings.

    Board, Desk: swipe from the right side of your device home screen or tap the button to open the control panel. Tap Device settings.

    Room Series: tap the button on the controller's home screen, and then tap Device Settings. On the Room USB, press return on the remote control, and navigate to Device Settings.

  2. Scroll to select Language. Then scroll the list and select a language.


On DX, MX, and SX devices, select the device's name on the home screen and choose Settings.


Select Language and go through the list. Select the language for your device.