To configure Virtual Rounding:


Make sure that you’ve activated Instant Connect by completing one of the following:


Login to your administrator account on, and choose Workspaces from the left-hand nav. Select Add workspace.

If you don’t have any existing spaces, the Add workspace button appears in the middle of the page.

Fill in the relevant information for the new workspace. We recommend adding Location to the mandatory workspace Name entry. Select Next.


Select Cisco Collaboration Device and then select Next.


Configure the required services for your new workspace and then select Next.


You’ll see a 16-digit activation code which you can use to register your Webex device with your new workspace. Once you’ve made a note of the activation code (there are several options for retrieving the code at the bottom of the dialog when you scroll down), select Go to workspace.


In the workspace Overview tab, select Edit API access.


Select Add user or bot.


In the Select a user or bot drop down, search for Cisco Meeting Broker Call Enabler Bot and select Full Access in the Access level dropdown. Select Close.

If you can’t find the Cisco Meeting Broker Call Enabler Bot, search instead for Ciso Meeting Broker Call Enabler Bot.

Repeat those steps for any other workspaces and devices as required.

What to do next

Once you’ve configured Virtual Rounding for your workspaces you can direct developers to Instant Connect Meeting Links which explains how to generate Instant Connect Meeting links for hosts and guests.