Mac Cisco Webex Meetings Application Uninstaller

Mac Cisco Webex Meeting Application Uninstaller

How do I uninstall Webex from my Mac?

How do I uninstall the CIsco Webex Meetings application from my Mac?


This utility uninstalls all Cisco Webex applications on your Mac.

Supported Operating System/Version

  • Mac OS 10.10 or later

Supported Cisco Webex Product Version
  • All Cisco Webex meetings service versions

  1. Select Cisco_Webex_Meeting_App_Uninstall-New.dmg in your Downloads folder.
  2. In the Cisco Webex Meeting Application Uninstaller window, double-click Cisco Webex Meeting Application Uninstaller:
User-added image
  1. Select Open to run the Cisco Webex Meeting Application Uninstaller:
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  1. If you are prompted to close one or more applications, close them, and then select Try Again.

When the uninstaller has completed removing Webex files from your Mac, you will see a confirmation message.

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