How Do I Request a Host Account for Webex?

How do I request a host account for Webex?

How to get a Webex host account

How do I register for a Webex host account?

Signing up for a host account on my Webex site


Host accounts allow you to schedule and run meetings on your Webex site.

New host account requests should be directed to your site administrator.

To request a host account:

  • Many sites allow users to request an account by clicking a Sign-Up link on their Webex site.
    1. Go to your Webex Site. (Example:
    2. Search for 'Sign Up' or 'Request an Account'.
    3. Fill out the form to submit your request. Once the request has been processed, a response will be returned.
  • If you do not see a 'Sign Up' option, or for any questions regarding your host account, including logon issues, please contact your site administrator
  • If you are unsure how to contact your site administrator, please contact your local IT department, Partner Support, or Cisco Support.

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