Who Should I Contact About Closed Captioning (CC)?

Who should I contact about closed captioning?

Do we have closed captioning services?

What is closed captioning?

Who is Captions Colorado?

Closed captioning for hearing-impaired participants is a real-time; stenography, or online captioned text of the dialog in your live Webex session.

Webex has partnerships with two Closed Caption providers. Below is the contact information for both Closed Caption partners:

  • Captions Colorado
    • Captions Colorado /part of VITAC/ is a third-party company that provides closed captioning. For more information on Captions Colorado, please visit their site: https://vitac.com/
    • For an example of streaming text or more program information, please visit www.captionedtext.com.
    • For preferred Webex pricing, please identify yourself as a Webex user.
    • For scheduling real-time captioning for your Webex session, technical support, and pricing information, please contact Captions Colorado directly at 800-775-7838.
  • Rapidtext, Inc.
    • Please call Rapidtext at 949-399-9200 for all your captioning or transcription needs.

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