What are Global Distributed Meetings (GDM)?

What are Global Distributed Meetings (GDM)?

What is GDM?

What are the benefits of GDM?


Global Distributed Meeting (GDM) is a feature of Cisco Webex Meetings, Webex Events, Webex Support, and Webex Training that enables a meeting to be distributed to multiple servers running in different data centers. With this feature, an attendee will automatically be connected to an optimized location when joining a GDM-enabled meeting. This is enabled through an intelligent algorithm in the client software that determines the optimal location by 'pinging' the data centers. In most cases, it will be the data center closest to the user in terms of network distance.

For example, if a site is hosted on a U.S. server and the meeting host or an attendee is located in Japan, the host or participant will connect to the U.S. site to start the meeting and then will be moved to the Japan server for better performance. GDM can reduce bandwidth usage between data centers, which will further reduce latency on the network. This provides customers with a better meeting experience, and better performance running on the Cisco Collaboration Cloud. Because there is less traffic on the network backbone, users should experience faster services when using data collaboration.

The Data Center location for the sites enabled with GDM:

San Jose, USASan Jose, USA
Virginia, USAVirginia, USA
Texas, USATexas, USA
Chicago, USAChicago, USA
New York City, USANew York City, USA
London, UKLondon, UK
Sydney, AustraliaSydney, Australia
Mumbai, IndiaMumbai, India
Frankfurt, GermanyFrankfurt, Germany
Toronto, CanadaToronto, Canada

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