Network Requirements for Cisco Webex China Cluster

Network Requirements for Cisco Webex China Cluster

The Cisco Webex China clusters are only available to and used for customers who purchased services through our partner TCL in China. Customer purchased services through Cisco and other authorized partners do not have any traffic routed through these clusters. Additionally, these clusters are not leveraged with our Global Distributed Meetings (GDM) feature.

Network Requirements for the Cisco Webex China Clusters

This article applies to the Webex China Clusters IK / IL.

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ProtocolPort NumbersDirectionAccess TypeComments
TCP80 / 443OutboundWebex Client Access portThe Webex Client makes the majority of its data transfers and loading using HTTPS over port 443.  In some cases, port 80 will also be used before being redirected to a secure connection.
TCP/UDP53OutboundDNSIn order to connect to Webex you must have a working DNS server.  Most DNS queries are made over UDP; however, DNS queries may use TCP as well.
UDP9000OutboundWebex Client Media (VoIP and Video RTP)The Webex client will try to connect to a Multimedia server over UDP port 9000. If unable to connect, it will use TCP 443.  However, due to the nature of TCP and how lost delayed packets are retransmitted, it is not recommended to use TCP.  We recommend allowing UDP port 9000 whenever possible.  (This media is sent over standard RTP.  Firewalls should not manipulate the RTP being sent or received.)
TCP/UDPOperating System Specific Ephemeral PortsInboundReturn traffic from WebexWebex will communicate to the destination port received when the client makes its connection.  A firewall should be configured to allow these return connections through.

The following URL should be allowed: *

IP ranges for China Cluster IK / IL:

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