What is the Maximum Resolution for a Video File Shared in a Webex Meeting?

What is the maximum resolution for a video file shared in a Webex meeting?

Is there a maximum resolution for video clips shared in a Webex session?

What is the resolution limit for a video presented in a Webex event?

Why is the text blurry in my shared video file (.WMV, .MP4)?

What is the maximum resolution of the attendee view of shared video files?


It is recommended that the original video file resolution does not exceed 1920 x 1080. All video files with resolutions greater than 640 x 480 are resized to 640 x 480 (480p) when streamed in a Webex meeting, session, or event.

For shared content with resolution above 480P, the video will be scaled, and this may cause text to appear blurry, as the video codec is optimized for the camera, not for text.

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