If you attended or missed a meeting, event, or training session and want to watch a recording of it, the host can share a link to the recording. Contact the host if you don't receive the link.


Select Recordings on the left navigation bar.

On the My Recorded Meetings page, you can see recordings for all the Webex meetings, events, and training sessions that you hosted and recorded.

My Recorded Meetings

To play a recording, click the name of the recording.


If you're using WBS33.9 or later, to show or hide the panels when you're playing a Webex meeting or event recording that's in MP4 format:

  • Select Participants to show or hide the Participants panel.
  • Select Chat to show or hide the Chat panel.
  • Select Polling to show or hide the Polling panel.
  • Select Q & A to show or hide the Q & A panel in a Webex Events recording.

To speed up or slow down the recording, change the playback speed.


To download a recording, select Download Download .


Depending on your site settings, you may not be able to download recordings.


To share a link to the recording, select Share Share.


To edit the name and description of the recording, or exclude the panels and transcript, select Edit Edit.


Excluding transcripts is only available for video-centric MP4 recordings.