The following table lists the maximum participant and attendee limits; actual limits depend on your purchased license capacity. To view the actual limits for your Webex site, use Site Administration or Control Hub. Site Administration doesn't display participant limits for Webinars 5000 and above; Control Hub does.


Webex video platform version 1.0 allows for 25 more participants, past the stated participant limit. Video platform version 2.0 doesn't exceed the stated participant limit.

Table 1. Maximum participant limits

Service type

Maximum limits

Webex Meetings

1000 participants

Webex Events (classic)

3000 participants

Webex Webinars

(Formerly Webex Events)

100,000 attendees*

Webex Training

1000 participants

Webex Support

5 customers at a time

* Webinars allows up to 500 (hosts, cohosts, and panelists) in addition to the purchased license capacity. The purchased license capacity for Webinars equals the number of attendees. For more information, see Compare experiences in Webex Webinars.


From the customer view in go to Meeting.


On the Sites tab, select a Webex site.


Click Settings and under Site info, select Site information detail.


Scroll to the Meeting types section to view the participant limits.


Sign in to Site Administration and select Site Information.


To see the service types and participant limits, scroll down to the Site Information section.