For more information, see Cisco Webex Modern View Support Matrix. The following are the known limitations for Modern View:

Audio and Video Preferences

If you select the audio connection type, Other teleconference service (in Preferences > Audio and Video ), the setting won't apply to Webex Personal Room meetings if Webex Personal Conference is selected as the default Meeting type in Preferences > Scheduling.

Planned Updates

These are the limitations and features that will be updated.

  • Preferences – Setting changes made in the Audio and Video tab and the Scheduling tab apply to both Modern View and Classic View. However, setting changes made in Classic View do not apply to Modern View.

No Planned Updates

These are the limitations and features that won't be updated.

  • Customer types – Meetings Server and Cisco Unified MeetingPlace sites.

  • Insight – FedRAMP-authorized Meetings sites don't support meeting insights, this includes the Weekly Meeting Report tile, and the Insight page.

  • Site Settings – Modern View sites that have the Webex web app disabled are no longer able to keep this setting. Enabling the web app allows Modern View users to join meetings regardless of their device, platform, or operating system. Modern View users have access to the web app without exception.

  • Custom Links – Custom Links will not be available, but site administrators can customize the Support and Downloads links to redirect to their own pages.