Your Personal Room is always available and you always know where to find it. Share your link with someone to start an instant meeting with them. A Personal Room includes the following benefits:

  • Your Personal Room is always in the same place; the URL, video address, and call-in numbers never change.

  • Participants using video systems or Cisco Webex room devices or desk devices can also join if their Webex Meetings account allows them to join meetings from video devices.

  • A virtual waiting room or lobby where people wait if they try to join your Personal Room meeting ahead of time or you have locked your Personal Room.

Use Your Personal Room in Webex Meetings

In Webex Meetings, you can invite people to meetings in your Personal Room:

Use Your Personal Room in the Webex App

If your Webex Personal Room is associated with the Webex app, you can use the following Personal Room shortcuts:

If your Webex site is managed in Cisco Webex Control Hub or is linked to Cisco Webex Control Hub, your Personal Room will already be associated with the Webex app. If it's not, you can manually associate it in the Webex app. For more information, see Set Up Your Cisco Webex Personal Room in Cisco Webex.