New look for site management in Control Hub

Why are we refreshing site management pages?

We’re making your experience of managing your site consistent with how you manage other services in Control Hub.

The current site management pages use iframes to pull the site management settings from Webex Administration into Control Hub. This interface refresh removes the iframes and ports most of the site management settings into Control Hub pages.

How does it affect you?

The way you manage your site doesn't change. You still use Control Hub; your site still has the same settings, and those settings still work the same way for your users.

The settings pages look different and the way that you interact with the controls is different. For example, where you previously had a checkbox you may now have a slider .

If you're already accustomed to Control Hub, these changes should feel natural.

If these changes are not helping you, click Revert to legacy Site Admin tool (in the top right corner), which brings back the old style.

Before and after

Access your site in Control Hub as you normally do:

Sign in to Control Hub, go to Services > Meeting, and then select your site.

That's when you start to see the differences.

There’s no slide out panel on the right

Site Information page.

The information formerly displayed on the panel now appears on the Site information tab, which opens automatically when you select a site.

Navigation to the configuration settings is new

Settings menu.

Before this update, you'd click the Configure Site button on the slide-out panel to display the links to site settings. Now you click Settings to open a drop-down menu that displays the links to settings pages.

Common settings, Meetings settings, and Webinars settings pages use the Control Hub design

Site Options page with updated Control Hub design.

The settings pages for Common Settings, Meetings, and Webinars now use the Control Hub style instead of the Webex Administration style. The image shows the Settings > Common Settings > Site Options page.

Scope and limitations

We don’t have an exhaustive list of changed interface elements. In general, we made the following changes:

  • Updated most Common settings, Meetings settings, and Webinars settings

  • Revised the articles about those settings, on Help Center

We’re not intentionally updating the controls for Webex Support or Webex Training; but if features for those products are shared with Webex Meetings, for example: Session Types, you can expect those features to use the new style of controls.