Use iPhone Continuity Camera in a call or meeting

Before you begin

To use Continuity Camera:

  • Your Mac must have macOS Ventura or later.
  • Your iPhone must have iOS 16 or later.
  • Connect your Mac and iPhone to the same Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® network.
  • Sign in with the same Apple ID that uses two-factor authentication on both devices and make sure Continuity Camera is on.

Set Continuity Camera features that you want to apply to your iPhone camera from your Mac.

If you don't know whether you can use Continuity Camera, review the requirements and best practices.

When Continuity Camera is on and your iPhone is near, Webex App detects your iPhone camera and notifies you that it's available for use. Select your iPhone camera:

  • When you're in a call or meeting, click Video options and then choose your iPhone camera from the list.
  • When you’re not in a call or meeting, go to your profile picture and then choose Preferences. Click Video and then choose your iPhone camera from the Camera drop-down list.

If you prefer, set Webex App to automatically switch to a new camera when it detects that it's available.