Edit names in meetings and webinars

A meeting participant or webinar panelist can edit their own display name in the meeting or webinar. Hosts and cohosts can edit any in-meeting name for any meeting participant, webinar panelist, or video device in a meeting or webinar. When an in-meeting name is edited, it's visible to all other participants in the meeting, and in any postmeeting recording. Postmeeting recordings and usage reports show the last edited name before the end of the meeting. When an in-meeting name is edited, it applies to that meeting only.

If you're a participant or panelist, you can only change your own in-meeting display name.

Edit the participant or panelist from the video thumbnail, or participants list:

  • In the video thumbnail, hover over the participants or video device, and click More options > Edit display name.
  • Click Open participants panel. In the participants list, right-click the participant or video device, and click Edit display name.

Edit the display name, and click Save.