Before you begin

This feature is available on our Webex Suite meeting platform. Find out if your meetings use the Webex Suite meeting platform.


During a call or meeting, click Share content .


Select the Advanced tab.


Choose one of the options from the optimization drop-down list:

  • Automatically optimize—Chooses the best optimization for your content type.
  • Optimize for text and images—Displays text and images in your shared content at the highest resolution and clarity possible.
  • Optimize for motion and video—The video plays back in a lower resolution to reduce lag and increase fluidity in your shared video, animation, or dynamic content.

    • This option may not improve the frame rate in meetings with over 25 attendees.

    • If you choose this option, Share computer audio is automatically turned on for you.

    Mac only: Webex App needs an extension to share your computer audio. If you don't have the extension, then Webex App downloads it when you click Optimize for motion and video or Share computer audio. You must have administrator permission on your computer to install the extension and share audio.


When you share content with audio, select the Share computer audio check box to allow others to hear your computer audio in addition to your microphone audio.


Select Portion of screen, and then click Next.

A green frame appears on your screen.

Move the frame to the portion of the screen that you want to share. If you have multiple screens, move it to the screen that you want to share.


Drag the resize handle on any of the four corners or sides to make the frame larger or smaller. The portion that the frame covers is the portion that you'll share in the meeting.


Click Share.

To adjust the portion of the screen when you're sharing, move or resize the frame. You don't have to stop sharing to adjust the frame.

Use the floating window to conveniently access the following options:

  • Mute or Unmute to mute or unmute yourself.
  • Stop video or Start video to turn off or turn on your video.
  • Record Record button to record and save your meetings for later use.
  • Open participants panel to see a list of all the participants in the meeting, including their names, email addresses, and status (for example, whether they are muted or not). You can use this panel to mute or unmute other participants.
  • More meeting controls > Lock meeting to control who can participate in your meeting. When you lock a meeting, other participants will not be able to join or rejoin the meeting.
  • Hide video view Hide video view to hide all thumbnails videos. The name of the active speaker shows in the floating window.
    Active speaker's name shows only

The indicator shows your network connection and CPU usage, the indicator appears when the meeting is being recorded, and the indicator appears when the meeting is locked.


When you’re ready to stop sharing, click Stop .