You can end Webex meetings if you think they are occurring fraudulently.

Before you begin

You must have Partner Fraud Read and Write access in order to terminate meetings in the Webex CCA portal. Partners with Fraud Management Read- only access are able to search for and see the meetings, but not terminate them.

Sign in to the Webex CCA Portal and go to Fraud Management.


Use the search bar to search for a meeting. You can search for a meeting by its dial-in access number, or by the callback number that Webex dialed for a participant.


Select the meeting that you want to end and choose End Meeting.


Cisco doesn’t review any meetings before they are terminated. Partners that terminate meetings are solely responsible and should do so with great caution.


Enter the reason that you're ending the meeting and select End Meeting.

Result: Meetings that you terminate are added to the Termination Log.