You can now immerse yourself into the content you’re sharing, by adding an overlay of your video within the presentation channel. You can change the position of your video on the content, both before and during the share.

Main video is muted when you use Immersive Share, so others don't see your video twice.

  • You need to enable Virtual Backgrounds before using Immersive Share.

  • Your computer must be connected to the Desk Pro with the USB-C cable.

  • The camera's LED is red while Immersive Share is in use even though the camera is on.

  • Immersive Share is currently an experimental feature.

In a call, start sharing content from your laptop. The tap the Immersive Share icon in the floating toolbar on the left side of the screen. Select one of the locations on the screen and toggle on Show me in front of presentation. Then tap Share in call.

You can change your position on the screen again if you end up being in front of something you want the others to see. Tap the Immersive Share icon and choose another location.

To turn off, tap the Immersive Share icon and toggle off Show me in front of presentation.