With the Webex App integration with GIPHY, users can share animated GIFs from the GIPHY library.

You can enable or disable this integration for your whole organization or for specific groups.

You can also select the GIPHY content rating of animated GIFs that users may share, but this control governs the whole organization and is not available for specific groups.

If GIPHY integration is disabled, users can still paste GIFs from other applications into Webex App messages.


If you subscribe to Webex from your Service Provider, your Provider manages your app settings. Please contact your Provider's support team to have your settings changed.

Enable GIPHY integration and choose the content rating

Before you begin

You need Pro Pack for Control Hub so you can control this feature.


Sign in to Control Hub at https://admin.webex.com and open the Services > Messaging page.


In the Collaboration Restrictions section, enable Share Animated GIFs.


Select G- General acceptance or PG- Parental Guidance to set the content rating for users.

Remove the GIPHY integration for your organization

You can remove the GIPHY integration from Webex App for your organization. The GIF option is removed from Webex App.


Sign in to Control Hub at https://admin.webex.com, and open the Services > Messaging page.


Scroll to Collaboration Restrictions and toggle Share Animated GIFs to off.

Remove website previews for groups in your organization

To prevent website previews from being displayed when users in specific groups share links, first toggle off this setting in a messaging template, then apply that template to groups. You must be using groups in order to use this feature.


Sign in to Control Hub.


Toggle off Allow previewing shared links for a template by completing the steps in the Manage messaging templates section of Configure settings templates.


Apply the template to a group by going to Management, then selecting Groups.


Choose a group from the list, then click Assignments.


Under Settings templates, select Messaging.


Select to the right of Messaging, then click Edit.


Select the template you modified in step 2 from the drop-down list.


Click Save.