This feature isn't available for webinars in webcast view.


After you scheduled a webinar, under Post-webinar survey, click Add.

You can also select your webinar from the list under Calendar.


Add a question to the survey by clicking + next to a question under Sample survey questions, or add a new question as follows:

  1. Click + Add new question.

  2. Enter your question.

  3. Select the type, such as Text (single or multiple lines), Multiple choice, Checkboxes, or Rating.

  4. Enter your answers.

  5. Check Required if you want the question to be required.

  6. Click Add.

    The question is now shown under My questions in the left pane.
The maximum number of survey questions is 50.

Click next to any question to change the order in which it appears. You can also click next to any question to drag and drop it to a new position.


Click Layout to customize the survey layout, such as the theme color and the image that appears in the header.

Supported file types for the header image are .gif, .png, and .jpg.

Click Preview to see how your survey looks.


Click Save.

When the webinar ends, the survey opens for attendees in a browser window.

To customize the page attendees see after they complete the survey, follow the steps in Open a landing page for attendees after a meeting or webinar.

What to do next

To see the results of the survey, from your Webex site, go to Calendar > Completed and generate an activity report for your webinar.