Choose A Phone Number To Use From Multiple Lines

If you’re using Cisco Jabber 12.0 or later on Windows or Mac and your admin has set you up with the multi-line feature, you can select which line to use when you call someone.

From the drop-down list of phone numbers next to the search bar, select the phone number you’d like to use to make the call.

Make a Call Using the Keypad

You can use the keypad if you're using Cisco Jabber for Windows or Mac 12.6 or later.


Go to Calls, and select the keypad icon .


Use your mouse to click on the keypad to dial the number you want, and then click Call . You can use the backspace to correct any dialling mistakes.

Call Someone from Your Contact List

On a Windows or a Mac, you can search or select a person from your contact list to make a call. If the person has only one number, Cisco Jabber uses it; otherwise, you can select the number to call first.

From your contact list, select the name of person you want to call, and then select Call .

Call Someone While Messaging

Sometimes, its just easier to talk to someone instead of sending lots of lengthy messages. But if you're already messaging someone, then you can just quickly call them directly from your messaging window.

From your conversation window, select Call from the top-right corner of the conversation window.

From the conversation window, tap , tap Call, and then choose the number you want to call.

From the conversation window, tap , and tap the number to call.

  • While you’re chatting with someone in Cisco Jabber, you might get new chat message from a different person, Cisco Jabber displays a preview of the new chat message in your current chat window, so that you don't miss anything.

  • When you're on a video call, tap the back button on your device to minimize the video call window. Tap the minimized video call window to view the video call on full screen. You can drag and positon the video anywhere on your device.