To migrate the non-integrated IntelePeer location into integrated IntelePeer location, follow these steps:


From the customer view in, go to Calling and then click PSTN.

A migration banner is displayed when there are locations which need to be migrated from non-integrated intelepeer location to an integrated intelepeer location.

Click Begin Migration to start the migration process.

The migration wizard is displayed. Make sure there are no erorrs displayed in any of the sections within the Number Audit Report tab.

Click Analyze and move forward to navigate to the next step of migration process.

The Confirmation tab is displayed. A list of non-integrated intelepeer location that should be migrated are displayed.

Check the I have read and accept to start Migration checkbox to enable the migration.


Click Start Migration to start the migration process.

The Contract Information tab is displayed and the fields are pre-populated.

You are required to fill in the details if the fields are not pre-populated.

Click Next to navigate to the location migration tab.

The Location Migration tab is displayed. The list of locations to be migrated are displayed.

Select each location you want to migrate and click Validate Address to verify the location details.

If you cannot validate the address, a suggested address is displayed and click Apply to apply the location details.

Click Migrate Now to migrate the selected locations.

Successful migration of non-integrated intelepeer location to an integrated intelepeer location is complete.

Click Close to close the migration wizard and navigate to the PSTN tab.

The migration banner disappears on succesful migration of all non-integrated intelepeer locationss to an integrated intelepeer locations.