To configure web widgets on your Cisco device's home screen, follow these simple guidelines:
  • Web widgets are a way to display web page content on your Cisco device's home screen. They are not interactive.

  • Cisco devices do not provide ready-made widgets, but they offer a view that allows you to display web page contents. For more information on creating a widget, go to

  • Currently, you can only set up one web widget at a time.

  • Web widgets cannot be displayed on the touch controller's home screen.

You can set up web widgets from the local web interface of the device. Read the Device Configurations article for more information on how to access it.

When the web interface of the device is opened, select Settings under the Setup tab, and choose the following configuration :

  • Configuration > WebEngine > Mode : Choose On to enable the web engine.

With the web interface of the device still opened, select UI Extensions Editor from the menu on the left. Click New and Add under Web Widget. Enter the name and the URL of the web widget. Export your configuration by clicking blue arrow on the top bar. Your web widget will now appear on the home screen.