If you do not change the default to a specific language for the organization, the Hybrid Calendar determines which language to use differently, depending on the calendar integration type:

Calendar integration type

Default if no specific language chosen

Office 365 (using the Microsoft Graph API through the cloud-based service)

"language":{"locale"} setting from the scheduler's mailbox settings

Google G Suite Calendar

locale setting from scheduler's calendar settings

Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 (using EWS through the Expressway-based Calendar Connector)

item.Culture property from the meeting invitation


Sign in to Control Hub at https://admin.webex.com and go to Services > Hybrid.


From the Hybrid Calendar card for your calendar environment, click Edit settings.


If you have the Hybrid Calendar Service set up for multiple calendar environments, you can access the Default Language setting from multiple places in Control Hub. Setting it in one location overrides the setting in any other location and changes the join details language for all meetings that the Hybrid Calendar processes.


In the Meeting Invitations section, choose a language from the Default Language drop-down list, and click Save.

After you save the change, the Hybrid Calendar uses the language you choose each time it adds join to details a meeting. It doesn’t change the language for existing join details.