February 2022

  • Added StandOut powered by ADP. Share your StandOut roles to learn about each other's strengths, providing for better working styles and a more productive working relationship.

March 2021

  • New customizable fields for pronouns, honorifics, and name pronunciations.

February 2021

  • Added a notification to remind users to make the most of their profile by editing it. This notification appears once a month until a user edits their profile.

November 2020

  • Support for additional directories, including Azure.

October 2020

  • Improved authored works coverage and matching, so that more people are matched to the articles and blogs they have written.

  • Removed directory sync requirement in Control Hub so that more people have access to the feature.

September 2020

  • People insights profiles were made available for enablement to all users globally in English, with the exception of Europe and China.

May 2020


  • Revamped look and feel for a seamless experience across Cisco products.

  • Updated Dark Mode styles for increased visibility.

  • Added a fixed header to access top-level navigation quickly.


  • Added an Edit Profile button when viewing your own profile.

  • Updated internal information to be distinguishable from public information.

  • Updated media items (News, Written by) with carousels for better navigation.

Company—Added stock performance, analyst consensus, revenue and profit, and employee headcount data.

April 2020

  • Financials are included in company profiles.

  • Profiles have been redesigned, including discoverability and user interface changes.

  • Feedback ticket submission has improved.

March 2020

  • Authored works: Patents can be added to your profile.

  • You can navigate within the reporting structure.

February 2020

  • Custom user location.

  • Additional directory sources (Azure and Okta EFT).

January 2020

More Person and Company news were added.

December 2019

  • External links are supported in the bio in your profile.

  • Direct reports show in the org chart.

  • Projects can be added to your profile.

  • Local weather and time zones were added.

November 2019

  • People Insights profiles supports Dark mode.

  • You can expand and collapse the org chart.

  • Missing company profiles were added.

October 2019

People can email you by clicking the email address in your profile.

September 2019

  • If your profile is linked to the wrong person, use the More > Wrong Person option in your profile to report.

  • See how your profile looks to coworkers and the public by going to people.webex.com .

  • Hiding a profile no longer hides internal directory data.

August 2019

Accessibility improvements made to profiles.