Webex App provides you with two sections by default: Favorites and Other.

Spaces that you have saved as a favorite in the past automatically appear in the Favorites section. The Other section includes all other spaces in your list.

  • Space sections on iOS and Android devices reflect the changes that you make to space sections on Desktop devices. Currently, you can only expand and collapse created sections in iOS and Android devices.
  • You can create up to 50 sections, with 200 spaces per section.

Create a section

You can create a section in several ways.

To create a section:

  • In the space list, click , then choose Create a section.
  • In an existing section header, click , then choose Create section.
  • Right-click an existing section header, then choose Create section.
  • Right-click any space in the list for which you want to create a section, then choose Create section.

Enter a name for the section, then click Create.

A section name can have a maximum of 25 characters.

Move a space into a section

You can move a space into a section in several ways.

  • Click to drag a space in the list, hover over the section, and drop to add the space.
  • Right-click the space in the list, choose Move to section, select the section and click Add.
  • When in a space, click Space information > Move this space to a section, select the section, and click Add.

Expand and collapse sections

The space list highlights the section header when there are new messages inside collapsed sections. Expanding the section header lets you see the spaces that contain new messages.


Click the section header to expand, and click again to collapse.

You can also right-click any section header, and select Collapse all sections.

For iOS and Android devices, tap the section header to expand, and tap again to collapse.

To collapse all sections, long press any section and tap Collapse all sections.

Reorder sections

There are two ways to move your created sections up and down your space list.

  • Click to drag a section, move up or down, and drop to move the section.
  • Right-click on any section header, and select Move up or Move down.

Rename a section

You can rename a section that you created.

Right-click the section header, and select Rename.

You can't rename the Favorite and Other sections.

Remove a section

When you remove a section, the spaces in that section move to the Other section.

Right-click the section header, then select Remove section.

You can't remove the Favorite and Other sections.

Show all or unread spaces in sections

In each section you can choose to show all spaces, or just unread spaces.

In a section header, click , click Show, and then choose from the following:

  • All spaces and DMs.
  • Unread spaces and DMs.

When you choose Unread spaces and DMs, a icon will show in the section header.

Show or hide sections

If you don't want to arrange your spaces into sections, you can choose to hide this feature. When you hide sections, your space list shows all your spaces, and shows the space with the last message received on top.


In the Messaging column, click Filter by.


Depending on your platform, select the following:

  • Windows and Linux users—select Appearance > Show sections.
  • Mac users—select Show sections.

To show your created sections again, repeat the steps.