The meeting capabilities are determined by the meeting sponsor or who is in the space:

  • If you have a paid Cisco Webex Meetings account and create a space, or are in a space created by someone who has a paid Webex Meetings, your Webex team meetings in that space have full meeting capabilities.

  • If you don't have a paid Webex Meetings account and create a space, your Webex team meetings have limited meeting capabilities.

You can verify the meeting capabilities for your Webex team meeting by clicking Schedule in the space.

The following table summarizes the differences between Webex team meetings.

Full Team Meeting Capabilities

Limited Team Meeting Capabilities

Meeting sponsor



People in space

Meeting sponsor has a Webex Meetings host account

Space creator doesn't have a Webex Meetings host account

Meeting size

Depends on the meeting sponsor's Webex Meetings account, up to 200

  • 25 if everyone in the space has a free Webex account

  • 100 if the creator of the space has a paid Webex Calling or Webex account

Phone audio options


Not available

Guest meeting access


Not available



Not available

Meeting links and video addresses for meetings in the space

Webex Team Meetings with Full Meeting Capabilities

If your Webex account includes a paid Webex Meetings host license, you become the meeting sponsor for each space that you create, whether it's a space with one other person or with 3 or more people.

In spaces with 3 or more people, your account allows all meetings in the space to have the same meeting capabilities, regardless of which member of the space schedules the meeting or whether you attend the meetings. In a space with only you and one other person, if you have a paid meetings account and the other person doesn't, you are the meeting sponsor. Spaces with a meeting sponsor have the following team meeting capabilities:

  • Meeting size—the number of people who can join the meeting. When you click Schedule in the space, a message tells you how many people can join a meeting from that space. The meeting size may not always be the same as the number of people in the space. For more information, see The Number of People Who Can Join a Meeting in Cisco Webex .

  • Recording—whether you can record the meeting and how much recording storage is available for your account or Webex site. If the recording option is available, when anyone in the space records the meeting, the link to the recording automatically appears in the Webex space after the meeting ends. See Record Meetings in Cisco Webex for more information.

  • Phone audio options—whether phone audio options are available and which phone options are available, such as Call In and Call Me options. See Join a Meeting in Cisco Webex Using Your Phone for more information.

  • Guest meeting access—whether guests who don't have Webex accounts can join the meeting. You can even invite guests to a meeting you have scheduled with only one other person. See Guest Access to Cisco Webex Team Meetings for more information.

  • Meeting Sponsor

    In Webex for Windows and Mac, you can see who the meeting sponsor is for the space, go to the information icon and choose Meeting capabilities . You'll see information about who the meeting sponsor is.

    • Meeting Sponsor Leaves

      If the meeting sponsor leaves a space with 3 or more people, Webex automatically assigns the meeting sponsor role to another member of the space. Webex assigns someone who is in the same organization and someone who has the same general account type as the person who originally created the space to be the new meeting sponsor. This automatic assignment of the meeting sponsor role allows members of the space to have a consistent meeting experience every time they schedule a meeting from the space.

    • Meeting sponsor Upgrades Account

      If the meeting sponsor of a space with 3 or more people has their account updated with new meeting capabilities, the new capabilities automatically apply to the space. The same applies to the paid account holder in a space with one other person. Existing meetings are updated with the new capabilities, and any new meetings that are scheduled from that space have the new capabilities.

    The moderator role has no connection to the meeting sponsor role. A moderator of the space or team is the meeting sponsor only if the moderator created the space.

Webex Team Meetings with Limited Meeting Capabilities

Meetings scheduled from spaces without a meeting sponsor have limited capabilities. If you go to the information menu in one of those spaces and then choose Meeting capabilities , you'll see a statement indicating that there's no meeting sponsor for the space.

  • Meeting Size

    The meeting size in a space that was created by someone without a Webex Meetings account is determined by the account types of the members of the space:

    • If all users in the space have free Webex accounts, only up to 25 participants can join the meeting.

    • If the creator of the space has a paid Webex Calling or Webex account, up to 100 participants can join the meeting.

    In a space, when you click Schedule , a message tells you how many people can join a meeting from that space.

  • Space Creator Leaves

    If the original creator of the space leaves the space or organization, a new space creator role is automatically assigned. The meeting information and capabilities in the space get automatically updated based on the type of account the new space creator has.

  • Space Creator Upgrades Account

    If the person who originally created the space upgrades from a free to a Webex Meetings host account, the space creator becomes the meeting sponsor for the space, and the space automatically receives meeting capabilities that are based on the new meeting sponsor's account.