Meetings in your calendar that have video addresses will automatically appear in your meetings list, even if they're not Webex standard meetings, Webex Personal Room meetings, or Webex team meetings. You'll also see a meeting notification and a Join button in your meetings and messages list for these meetings 5 minutes before they're scheduled to start. You don't have to do anything—your meetings with video addresses will automatically appear in your meetings list under the following conditions:

  • You have Webex for Windows or Mac.

  • You have the Cisco Webex Hybrid Calendar Service.

  • You're using Microsoft Outlook Exchange, Microsoft Outlook 365, or G Suite for Google Calendar.

  • The video address is in the body of the meeting. (For Google Calendar, the address can be in the body or in the conference data for that meeting.)

  • The video address in one of the supported formats shown in the following list:

    Supported Video Address Formats

           <a href="">dial meeting</a> 
           <a href=""><b>dial conference</b></a> 

    Unsupported Video Address Formats