Joining the Webex Webinar

Up to 3000 Webex Webinars attendees can join webinars using Board, Desk, and Room series devices. As an attendee, you can join the meeting from your device in the same way as panelists. Your device needs to support the web engine in order for you to be able to join with it.

Attendees can join with one button to push (OBTP) or by dialing into the meeting with the webinar information. Make sure to keep the email invitation of the webinar, where you can find the webinar number and webinar password to join.


Tap the Join Webex button and dial into the webinar from your device with the webinar number.


Enter the numeric password received by email.


  • Joining webinars as attendees is supported on RoomOS 11 on cloud and cloud-aware (with Webex optimized experience enabled).

  • Hosts cannot request attendees to unmute.

  • Webinars that require Sign-In or Registration will only be accessible to devices that are registered on the same organization as the Webinar is hosted on.

  • It is not possible to join a webinar in webcast mode as a device attendee. While the OBTP (One Button to Push) feature will be displayed, you will only be prompted to enter the Panelist password without the option to join as an attendee using a device.

  • You cannot be elevated to a panelist role.

  • Joining from the Webex client is not supported.

  • The second screen will not be used on dual screen systems.