Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

With VDI, instead of a traditional desktop, you have a thin client and a hosted virtual desktop.

A thin client is a typically less costly and less powerful device than a desktop computer. Your organization may even use older, less powerful PCs as thin clients. Your hosted virtual desktop resides in a central server location called a data center. Your hosted virtual desktop includes your

  • Microsoft Windows desktop

  • Applications (such as Webex Teams)

  • Data

Using your thin client, you access your hosted virtual desktop over a secure Citrix or VMware connection.

Webex Teams works with VDI. However, sending the additional data that audio and video calls require, through the hosted virtual desktops, causes communications delays. This limitation is called the "hairpin" effect.

Webex Teams on VDI

The Webex Teams VDI thin client is software that adds support for audio and video calls. The data doesn’t go through the hosted virtual desktop, thus eliminating the hairpin effect.

With supported versions of Webex Teams for Windows, users can use the built-in messaging, meetings, and Teams calling functionality on their thin client. Additionally, users can use supported calling features through your calling environment (either a Calling in Webex Teams (Unified CM) or Webex Calling deployment). The VDI solution optimizes media streams: audio and video streams are sent directly between the thin clients without going through the HVD.


You can find the Webex Teams for Windows VDI software downloads from


Administrators can refer to the Deployment Guide for Cisco Webex Teams for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for more information about what features are supported, how to prepare your environment, and how to deploy the Webex Teams VDI solution.

VDI Support

Webex Teams supports the following VDI environments. (See the documentation for these VDI environments for more information.)

  • Citrix Cloud HVD Deployment Support

  • Windows Virtual Desktop (Deployed on Microsoft Azure)

  • HP ThinPro 7.1

  • Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04, 20.04

  • Unicon eLux 6.5, 6.9

  • IGEL OS 11.04.100

  • Multiple VDI Session

  • Multiple Monitor Support (2–4 monitors)

  • Scale to Fit—Citrix and VMware

Feature Limitations

Webex Teams for Windows and Linux VDI supports most of the Webex Teams for Windows features, unless otherwise noted. See the following for a list of exceptions:

  • Automatic Call Recording through Built-in-Bridge (BiB)

  • Wireless share and control with connected cloud device in personal mode

  • Turn on or turn off connected device video directly in Webex Teams

  • Customized virtual background images for calls or meetings (Linux)