As the host, alternate host, or presenter of a meeting, you can record meetings on your computer if your site administrator has allowed local recording for your site.

By default, your recordings include the participant audio, video, and anything that's shared during the meeting. You can select the screen layout for your recordings so they fit the format and content of your meeting or event.

If you start a meeting by phone, you can't record it.

Recording on your computer is currently only available from the desktop app. If you start a meeting from a device using the web app, such as a Chromebook, you can't record it.

Recording format

You can save recordings to your computer either in MP4 format or Webex Recording Format (WRF), depending on your site version and settings. If you record in MP4 format, the panels, such as the Chat panel and Participants panel, and any files that you share using Share File are not included in the recording.

Recording location

When you record a meeting to your computer, you can choose where you want to save it, or you can save it to the default path.
  • For Windows: Recordings started from within a meeting are accessible from the Documents folder in My Computer.

  • For Mac: Recordings started from within a meeting are accessible from the Home folder using Finder.

Allow anyone with the presenter role to record

If your site administrator has allowed recording in the WRF format for your site, you can let a meeting participant record the meeting by making them the presenter. Once you make a participant the presenter, the Recorder icon appears in their meeting controls. As the host, you can't start a new recording on your computer until you make yourself the presenter again. You can still record in the cloud. If you already started recording on your computer, then make someone else the presenter, the new presenter can start a recording without stopping yours.

Record your meeting


Select Recorder Recorder.

Don't see the record button? You may not be the host, alternate host, or presenter of the meeting. Ask the host to record it and share the recording with you.

Select Record.

If you have Record in cloud and Record on my computer as options, select Record on my computer, and then select Record.


To include audio in your recording, you must select the Call Using Computer audio option.


Don't see Record on my computer? The option may be disabled. Contact your Webex site administrator.

When the meeting or event ends, your recording saves to your computer.

When needed, select Recorder , and do one of the following:

  • Select Pause and Resume to maintain a single recording.
  • Select Stop to end your current recording.


    For meetings or events that last many hours, it's a good idea to make multiple recordings for more manageable file size and easier viewing.