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On Windows and Mac, you'll see Help at the bottom of your spaces list. By default, that link brings you to our Webex Teams page on our Collaboration Help site, but your administrator might customize that link to direct you to another site instead.


Your group work takes place in spaces, either in groups or in direct messages with another person. They display prominently so you can get to them whenever you need to. Your most recently active spaces are at the top. If anyone has added you to a new team or space, you'll see it here too. When someone's posted a new message in the space, you'll see the bolded space name.

You'll sometimes see icons letting you know what's happening in your spaces. These notifications give you information about new messages you've received and spaces you've been added to.

Navigation Menu

Switch easily among your message, team, call, and meeting views. Messages appear by default, but your teams, calls, and meetings are just a click away. When you have unread messages in your spaces or teams, you'll see counters next to Spaces and Teams .

Profile and Preferences

In the app header click your profile to update your picture or name, access your settings and preferences, and set your availability. If you have some important work to finish or are on a call, let people know that you don't want to be disturbed: whether that's for a few minutes or an entire day is up to you.


In the app header click Set a status, select a status from the list or create and share any status you want, so your colleagues know what you're up to.


In the app header, just click Search, meet, and call to search through the history of your conversations to find people you're talking to, spaces you're in, messages you received, and files you need.


Click to see the available filters. Then, select a filter to show just the messages or spaces you want to see.

Tap , on your mobile device to see the available filters. Then, select a filter to show just the messages or spaces you want to see.

Start a Conversation, Make a Call, or Add a Contact

In the app header, click , and select Send a direct message to create a direct message space between you and just one other person, or select Create a Space to start a group conversation. You can also select Make a call, or select Add a contact.


In the app header on Windows and Mac, you can connect automatically with Webex devices from the Connect to a Device menu. When connected, you can share your screen, start a call, or open a space (on Webex Board). You can also connect to your desk phone from the menu to make calls and join meetings. If you have a lot of devices close by, you can set certain devices to not automatically connect.


Whenever you're in a space, click the activity menu tabs to get access to all the different activities you can do:

Messages— Messages are where you chat with colleagues. We keep these messages secure so you can feel confident sharing your work ideas in Webex Teams.

People—see who's in the space, or if you're a moderator you can add people to the space.


  • —find your shared files, photos, and whiteboard content.

  • —create and share content on whiteboards.

  • —see all links shared in the space.

Schedule—create a meeting from the space or get a list of meetings already scheduled for the space.


Audio—make an audio call to a person.

Video—make a video call to a person.

—start a meeting with everyone in the space.

My threads

—see threads that you are a part of in the space.

Search in space

Click to search through the conversation history of the space you're in, to find messages you received, and files you need.

Although we didn't show these options on mobile, just click a space name from the list and click the activity menu to see these same choices.

People List and Space Settings

On Webex Teams for Web, you can also see people in the space and update the space settings directly from the new activity area.