Our advanced deep learning, speech science, and audio processing technology separate noise from human speech in any language. Your colleagues will hear you and not the noises in your workspace.

This feature removes background noise when you Use computer audio only.

Before you begin

This feature is available on WBS40.10 and later sites for Webex Meetings. Beginning with the 41.4 update, it is also available in Webex Events (new). To find out which version of Webex Meetings or Webex Events (new) you're using, see Find Your Cisco Webex Meetings Version Number.

While you start or join a meeting, or anytime during the meeting, click Audio options Audio options, click Settings, and check Remove background noise.

Remove background noise check box

The Remove background noise option is available when Music mode is turned off. If you want to remove background noise, uncheck Music mode.

This feature removes background noise when you Use Internet for audio only.

You can turn Remove Background Noise off or on at any time before or during a meeting.

Background noise removal isn't available on 32-bit versions of iOS.

To remove background noise during a meeting, tap MoreMore icon > Settings, and then toggle Remove Background Noise off or on.

When the slider turns green for iOS or blue for Android, Remove Background Noise is on.
Remove Background Noise enabled