Cisco Webex Education Connector Classroom collaboration is an easy way to message a classmate or student, chat with a group, and share files you're collaborating on. Learn how it works here.

Create a Team

In Cisco Webex Teams, teams help you keep everything organized by categorizing multiple spaces under a common theme. For example, you may have a team for a large project.

  1. The first time you go to the Classroom Collaboration tab from the Webex Education Connector in your course, sign in using your Webex Teams credentials.

  2. Select Create Team.

Create a Space

In Cisco Webex Teams, all your work takes place in spaces where you can send messages, make calls, have video meetings, whiteboard, and share files. Spaces work best for a group of people collaborating on a specific topic or single project. A General space with all the members of your team is available by default. You can create new spaces with multiple people or message someone directly.

  1. The first time you go to the Webex Teams tab from the Webex Education Connector in your course, sign in using your Webex Teams credentials.

  2. Select Create Space to create the first space.

  3. To make additional spaces, go to Webex Teams > Spaces. Select + Create New Space, enter a name for the space, and select Create Space.

Send a Message

When you send a message to a person for the first time in Cisco Webex Teams, you create a conversation just between the two of you. The next time you message that person, your conversation picks up right where you've left it. When you send a message to a space, all the members of that space can see your message.

  1. From the Webex Education Connector in your course, go to Webex Teams > Spaces.

  2. Select the space or the person you want to send a message to.

  3. Write your message and press enter.

Share a File

Easily and quickly share a file, like a lecture notes or a group project, using Classroom Collaboration. You have a few different options for sharing files.

  1. Drag and drop the file into the message area or click + Attachment and select a file.

  2. Select Share to send the file.

You can schedule a recurring or one-time meeting with other students or your instructor.


Select + New Meeting.


Choose Meeting, Training, or Event.


Enter a descriptive Name for the meeting.


Select the Meeting Date, Duration, and Recurrence.


Select Create Meeting.

After you create a meeting, it will show up in your Upcoming tab. You can view, start, edit, or delete a meeting from there.

After you've hosted a meeting, you can view your past meetings and any recordings in the Past Meetings tab.

Your teacher or professor can host office hours using the Webex Education Connector. The dates and times are available in the Office Hours tab. To schedule time with your instructor, do the following:


Your teacher's or professor's name is available in a drop-down list on the left of your screen. First, select the teacher or professor you want to meet with.


Select a time to meet with your instructor from the available times and select Confirm Meeting.


Select Done.

You get an email confirming the meeting and can see it in your Upcoming Meetings list in your Webex Meetings site and desktop app.