For more info on the current lockdown updates, see the Latest Updates Overview for Cisco Webex Meetings.

For more info on the latest announcements, see the Announcements for the Cisco Webex Meetings Suite.

For more info on the current lockdown versions available, see the Webex Meetings Suite Lockdown Announcements.

The following approved Webex Meetings lockdown versions are:

  • WBS33.6.16

  • WBS39.5.17

Shared Components from the Latest Updates

For more info on the shared features and changes that the lockdown updates have with the latest updates, see the Webex Meetings Shared Components from the Latest Updates.

New Features, Changes, and Resolved Bugs

WBS39.5 | WBS39.5.13 | WBS39.5.17 | WBS39.5.x Resolved Bugs

WBS39.4 | WBS39.4.x Resolved Bugs

WBS39.3 | WBS39.3.x Resolved Bugs

WBS39.2 | WBS39.2.x Resolved Bugs

WBS39.1 | WBS39.1.x Resolved Bugs

WBS33.9 | WBS33.9.x Resolved Bugs

WBS33.8 | WBS33.8.x Resolved Bugs

WBS33.7 | WBS33.7.x Resolved Bugs

WBS33.6 | WBS33.6.15 | WBS33.6.16 | WBS33.6.x Resolved Bugs

WBS33.5 | WBS33.5.x Resolved Bugs

WBS33.4 | WBS33.4.x Resolved Bugs

WBS33.3 | WBS33.3.x Resolved Bugs

WBS33.2 | WBS33.2.x Resolved Bugs

WBS33.1 | WBS33.1.x Resolved Bugs

WBS33.0 | WBS33.0.x Resolved Bugs

See the following feature summaries for lists of features by version number:

For more info about Webex Meetings, see the: