What’s New

Cisco Webex Meetings WBS40.2 Android

See the Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile App Resources for more info on the Webex Meetings mobile app.

Mobile Participant List Search

Like the desktop app, users can search for participants from a new search bar at the top of their participant list.

These improvements to the participant list aren’t available for FedRAMP-authorized Webex offerings.

Rotate Shared Images

Users who are sharing an image can now easily rotate it if the image is displaying incorrectly. This way, users don’t have to manually change the file itself.

"Meet Now" Improvements

Users with Meet Now meetings can now tap Return to Meeting on their meeting list to return to their meetings. This functionality is similar to scheduled Webex meetings and Personal Room meetings.

Toyota SmartDeviceLink (SDL) Support

Toyota drivers can soon experience Webex Meetings on their car dashboard without having to take out their phones. Mobile users with Toyota vehicles running SDL can now use Webex Meetings on Android devices to list and join meetings directly from their car dashboard. Once in the meeting, users can easily mute, unmute, and leave their meeting. This experience and platform is similar to our existing Ford Sync 3 integration.

The integration is going to be available on the:

  • 2020 and later Corolla

  • 2020 and later Corolla Touring

  • 2020 and later Corolla Sport

For more info on having a hands-free experience, see Use Voice Commands on Your Mobile Device.

For more info on SDL, see the SmartDeviceLink website and search for Toyota Corolla.

Samsung Bixby Voice Command Integration

Samsung mobile users can now leverage Bixby voice commands to join scheduled Webex meetings and Personal Room meetings. For more info on using voice commands, see Use Voice Commands on Your Mobile Device.

Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Thread Protection (ATP) Safe Link Support

Android users who use Microsoft ATP safe links to protect their users from malicious email links can now still cross-launch into a Webex meeting from an email invitation. Previously, safe links would prevent them from doing this. This way, users who rely on safe links now have a seamless join experience into meetings.

For more info on ATP safe links, see the Microsoft website and search for ATP safe links.

Cisco Webex Meetings WBS40.1 for Android

See the Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile App Resources for more info on the Webex Meetings mobile app.

Custom Disclaimer Support

Meeting attendees can now view customized disclaimers before joining the meeting. These disclaimers are set by site administrators of the meeting's Webex site. Mobile users can expect to be exposed to the same compliance disclaimers that desktop users see.

Simple Mode is now Audio-Only Mode

Simple mode is being renamed to Audio-only mode, with an updated icon to better identify the benefits of this feature. New mobile users can now more easily discover this feature while in a meeting.

For more info about Audio-only mode, see Interact During Meetings from a Mobile Device.

"Audio Device" Wording Improvement

We renamed the option to switch between Bluetooth devices, phone, and device speakers from Audio device to Switch Speaker/Mic. This way, users can easily tell how to switch their audio output during meetings.

Video Callback Wording Improvement

The function to manually enter a video address has been renamed to Enter a Video Address to make the feature easier to find.

Support for Editing Recording Titles

Like for meeting hosts on iOS, meeting hosts on Android can now edit their recording titles and share changes with the attendees from that meeting.

Cisco Webex Meetings WBS39.11 for Android

See the Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile App Resources for more info on the Webex Meetings mobile app.

Audio Switch Improvements

Users who are connected to a Bluetooth or wired headset can now easily switch to their device’s speaker or other audio options.

Cisco Webex Meetings WBS39.10 for Android

See the Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile App Resources for more info on the Webex Meetings mobile app.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) Appconfig Support

Site administrators can now take advantage of MDM solutions to set and manage key functions for their users' Webex Meetings mobile apps.

Several configurations that MDM managers can set include:

  • Requiring mobile users to sign in to a specific SSO site

  • Enabling or disabling app notifications

  • Enabling or disabling camera access

  • Setting up the mobile meeting calendaring source (such as Webex servers, calendar scraping, and Office 365)

  • Enabling or disabling device pairing

Dual Screen Mode for Samsung DeX

Users can continue to multitask on their Samsung phone while attending a Webex meeting from their monitor that’s connected through Samsung DeX mode. Users can use Webex Meetings from either their mobile or desktop screens and share content from either screen as well.

Dual screen mode is supported on the following devices:

  • Galaxy S8

  • Galaxy S8+

  • Galaxy S8 Active

  • Galaxy S9

  • Galaxy S9+

  • Galaxy Note9

  • Galaxy Tab S4

  • Galaxy S10e

  • Galaxy S10

  • Galaxy S10+

Google Assistant Scheduler Support

Users can now use voice commands to schedule Webex meetings with Google Assistant.

Automatically Connect to Video Devices

Users can now enable and disable automatic connection with video devices, like in Webex Meetings for iOS.

Share Pictures from a Device's Files

Users can now share any image files directly from their device's local file system. These files aren't transferred or stored within the Webex Meetings app or uploaded to our servers.

Simple Mode Support

Users can now enable Simple mode, where users can save their device's battery by simplifying the meeting experience. The core Mute function is still available while using Simple mode. This mode also automatically turns off sending video and sharing, allowing for more reduced battery usage.

The app can also automatically enable Simple mode if it detects that the device is moving faster than 25 miles per hour. For example, if a user is driving while in a meeting, Webex Meetings detects the device's movement and enables Simple mode. This setting ensures that users aren't distracted while meeting on the go.

Users can disable automatic motion detection in their app's settings.

Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile App 39.9 (Android)

These Android features aren't available for FedRAMP-authorized Webex offerings.

Pin Participant Video in the Video Panel

Hosts or presenters can now pin a video for all participants, so that the pinned video appears on everyone's screens.

File Content Sharing Support

Android users can now share files directly from Box and Google Drive cloud storage solutions, similar to iOS.

For more info on sharing content from your Android device, see: https://help.webex.com/19yxiw/.

Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile 39.8 (Android)

Annotation Tool Improvements

Mobile users are now able to draw borders around an enclosed area, then move those contents to another location within the same shared canvas. Android users are now also able to undo previous actions using an extra toolbar option, similar to iOS.

Android Q and Whiteboard Support

With this update, Android Q is now officially supported.

Android users can now also launch their own blank whiteboard, similar to iOS and the desktop app.

New Default Video Settings

First-time Android users on newer devices will now have high-definition video enabled by default in their in-app settings.

Google Home Device Support

For the first time ever, Android users can integrate a collaboration and video conferencing service with a Google Home device. Users will now have access to their Webex meeting recording playback directly from their Google Home devices, and we will support voice commands to list and play recordings.

For more info on setting up Google Home devices to use Webex Meetings, see: https://help.webex.com/p1j4si/.

Microsoft OneDrive File Sharing Support

Android users are now able to share files directly through their Microsoft OneDrive shared storage accounts.

Third-Party Cross-Launch while Passing Credentials

Third-party apps that cross-launch an OAuth-authenticated user into Webex Meetings can now send credentials from the third-party apps themselves. This way, users will have the same attendee name appear in their Webex meeting's participant list, without confusion.

Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile 39.7.1 (Android)

Mute on Entry Improvements

First-time users will no longer be muted automatically when using the Call Me or Call In audio connection options. Users connecting with internet audio will continue to be muted on entry, as before.

We have also changed the Audio & Video in-app settings to include a new Mute on Entry section for Call In and Call Me users specifically. This is in addition to the existing Mute on Entry section for internet audio. Upgrading users will retain their prior Mute on Entry preferences for internet audio, and their new Mute on Entry preferences for Call In and Call Me audio will be defaulted to off.

Skip Audio and Video Preview Improvement

For power users upgrading from 39.6 and earlier versions, if their in-app preferences are set for automatic audio connection (for example, audio connection is set to Call Me), we will automatically turn on Skip Audio and Video Preview in order to preserve their existing end-to-end experience.

Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile 39.7 (Android)

Raise Hands Support

Similar to Webex Meetings desktop app users, Android users in meetings, events, and training sessions can raise their hands.

Mobile Local Pair and Share/Move to Meeting Support

Mobile users are now able to locally pair and share content from their mobile devices before a meeting, similar to Webex Meetings desktop app users. Both cloud-registered and on-premises video devices are supported in this update.

Mobile users are also able to locally pair to a video device, and from there join a scheduled Webex meeting or Personal Room meeting.

As part of this feature, there are also in-app settings available to toggle on and off the auto-detection of nearby devices.

For more info on connecting to a video device, see: https://help.webex.com/n3e90rz/.

Select Audio and Video Preferences Before Joining Meetings

Users can select their audio and video preferences before joining meetings, instead of doing so while in a meeting. These preferences can also be saved for future meetings.

Merged Video Options

To simplify the mobile in-meeting user experience, we merged the “Call My Video System” function into the “Find Devices” option. Users are still able to specify a particular system for connection using the “Find Devices” flow. There is no longer a “Call My Video System” option in the audio button of the meeting controls.

Echo Cancellation Improvements

Android devices, except for Xiao Mi 6X devices, support new echo cancellation improvements. This way, users will have an enhanced meeting experience with less echo from other users.

Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile 39.6

Stop Recording Support for Mobile Hosts

Mobile hosts can now tap pause/stop for their recordings while joined from mobile. Previously, we only provided Pause button support.

Merged Video Options

To simplify the mobile in-meeting user experience, we merged the “Call my Video System” function into the “Find Devices” option. Users are still able to specify a particular system for connection using the “Find Devices” flow. There is no longer a “Call my Video System” option in the audio button of the centralized control bar menu.

Smart Meetings Optimizations

Android users no longer receive sharing data while their screen is locked or turned off, to save on bandwidth and battery life.

Samsung DeX Station Improvements

Samsung DeX users are no longer disconnected from their Webex meeting when docking or undocking their phone from their DeX stations.

Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile 39.5

Search on the In-App Global Call-in List

Mobile app users who use the call in audio are now able to search on their in-app global call-in list, for the right country to dial. In addition, the app remembers the 3 most-recent numbers for them to easily access.

Usability Improvements

We've made the following usability improvements and changes:

  • Users see a redesigned Speaker On/Speaker Off control that clearly shows what speaker state the user is in.

  • Users now have the Move to lobby function enabled (not applicable for sites with CMR Hybrid audio enabled).

  • Starting from this update we no longer support Android OS versions 5.0 (Lollipop) and earlier. Users will continue to be able to use their prior existing Webex Meetings app versions on those older operating systems, however they will not be allowed to upgrade to the latest app version.

Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile 39.4

Google Home Device Support

Mobile users now have access to their Meeting List commands, directly from their Google Home devices. In our initial update, we support the following commands:

  • "Hey Google, list meetings"

  • "Hey Google, list my meetings"

  • "Hey Google, list upcoming meetings"

  • "Hey Google, what’s my next upcoming meeting?"

Users will be prompted whether they want to find out more details about the meeting, such as the agenda and the host name, with a follow-up question from Google Assistant.

The home device must be paired to the mobile device before use.

Webex Share Support

Mobile users are now able to easily find and connect to a Webex Share device that's connected to a television. The user experience follows the same Find Device flow that currently exists for Cisco Video System proximity detection.

Webex Training Breakout Sessions Support

Android users can now participate in Cisco Webex Training breakout sessions, similar to iOS users. Supported functions include audio support, viewing shares, sharing from your own mobile device, and chat.

Host functions are not yet supported.

Mobile IP Display in Site Administration Usage Reports

To align with the Cisco Webex Meetings Desktop app and to allow customers to better troubleshoot or audit their mobile meeting usage, mobile IP addresses now appear in Site Administration usage reports, similar to the desktop app.

Self-Video In-app Auto-Enable Setting

With this update, mobile users are now able to preset their self-video to automatically be enabled when joining every meeting. The default is disabled for new installations.

Official Mobile Text Recognition Scan Support

Using the Google AI library, mobile users are now able to scan printed or handwritten Personal Room URLs or Meeting numbers to join their next Webex Meeting.

Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile 39.3

Local Recording Indicator

Android mobile users now see an indicator that a recording has started, for local MP4 recordings.

Official O365 Exchange Meeting List Support

We have removed the “beta” tag from our Microsoft Office O365 Meeting List feature, in this update.

Smart Video Improvements

  • If we detect that the video is turned on, the speaker has been turned off, and there is no Bluetooth or headset connected, then we assume that users are about to hold the phone up to their ear, and automatically turn the video off.

  • When there is no ongoing video or screen share, we automatically dim the screen to save battery. In this state, users can still perform their actions without having to undim the screen first. If the device detects that the phone has moved or been picked up, then the screen will automatically light up again.

Google, Facebook, O365 Sign-in on the Mobile App

Similar to our Google, Facebook, O365 sign-in feature in Modern View, mobile app users now have a similar option to log into their mobile app using their Google, Facebook, or O365 account, accessible from their sign in flow.

If they haven't yet mapped the Google, Facebook, or O365 account to an existing Webex account, then the mobile app prompts the user to map the account, before continuing. This mapping is applicable to all future Modern View page sign-ins or other Webex Meeting mobile apps on other devices, as well.

This feature must first be enabled in Site Administration, and each service can be enabled or disabled separately.

If the user has already previously mapped their Google, Facebook, or O365 account to an existing Webex account, then they will be able to seamlessly sign in.

Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile 39.2

Call-in Auto-Accept on Cloud-Based Video Devices

Similar to the on-premises call-in flow, users can now call into cloud-based video devices without having to tap the device panel to accept the incoming call. This matches the Desktop app experience.

Android Device Audio Improvements

Samsung S7/S7 Edge users now experience audio improvements and better echo cancellation during their Webex meetings.

Improved Meeting Join Flow from Third-Party Apps

For mobile users who are cross-launching from third-party apps like WeChat or Slack, third-party app configurations may sometimes block users from redirecting to the Webex Meeting mobile app directly to launch the app. In these cases, a Webex page is launched with no alternative flow. With this update we'll be adding a simple join meeting button to that page, so that users can continue their join meeting flow.

Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile 39.1

O365 Exchange Meeting List support Beta

All mobile users are now able to configure their meeting lists to pull meetings directly from their O365 Exchange server, via their in-app settings. Previously, this feature was available “on demand” to select customers via whitelist, but with this update we will be removing that whitelist.

Scheduler Invitee Limit Extended to 40

Mobile users now have their scheduler invitee limits extended from 20 to 40.

Share Meeting Information via Third-Party Chat Apps

Android users are now able to easily share their meeting information with others via third-party chat programs like Google Hangouts, Skype, etc.

Remember and Clear Search History

Android users are now able to remember and clear their recording search history, similar to iOS.

WeChat Cross-Launch

WeChat users are now able to cross-launch their Webex Meetings. We've also improved our public collaboration help documentation (see https://collaborationhelp.cisco.com/article/en-us/WBX9000017255) on how to enable other third-party applications (e.g., Slack, Skype) for a similar cross-launch experience.

Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile 11.7

Google Assistant Support

Android users are now able to use Google Assistant voice commands to schedule meetings, start and join meetings, and start and join Personal Rooms. This feature requires a back end server deployment which may delay the rollout of this functionality after the v11.7 application update. Additional details on the exact rollout schedule will be available soon.

Here are some examples of available commands:



Start your own Personal Room

"Start my Personal Room"

"Join my Personal Room"

"Join my own room"

"Launch my room"

"Launch my Personal Room"

"Look for my next meeting"

"Join my next meeting"

"Join upcoming meeting"

"Join my upcoming meeting"

"Join my next upcoming meeting"

"Join next upcoming meeting"

Join someone else's Personal Room

"Join [person]'s Personal Room"

"Join [person] Personal Room"

"Join [person]'s room"

"Join [person] room"

"Rejoin [person]'s room"

"I want to rejoin [person]'s room"

"Please join [person]'s room"

"I want to join [person] room"

Update settings


"Update setting"

Beta: Scan Writing to Join a Meeting

Android users are now able to scan a handwritten or typed meeting number or Personal Room ID, on a physical piece of paper or a screen, to join their Webex Meeting or Personal Room.

Search History Remembered

Android users are now able to have their search history remembered. Users can also clear their recordings search history.

Improved User Interface on Android Tablets

  • The video strip alignment on Android tablets now matches the alignment on Android smartphones.

  • The Centralized Control Bar on Android tablets now matches Centralized Control Bar on Android smartphones.

  • Users now see a simplified in-app settings layout, with clearer sections for each in-app setting.

View Attendee Recordings by Default

Users now have the capability to view their attendee recordings within the app enabled by default. Previously, this had to be enabled manually by the site administrator before mobile users could start using it.

Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile 11.6

Webex Events Support

Android mobile users can now view shared video screens for their Webex Event sessions. This provides parity with iOS and Desktop clients.

Usability Improvements

Android users now have their speaker enabled by default, if there are no headphones connected.

Picture in Picture Support

Android users in a meeting are now able to exit their Webex Meetings app to multi-task, while a small window appears in the bottom right to show the active speaker or shared screen content.

Only Android OS 8 and later devices are supported.

Recording List Improvements

Android hosts can now share recordings directly to others’ attendee recording lists directly from within their mobile app.

Android hosts can make their recording links public to all users, and also be able to copy and share links.

Android users can now download their MP4 recordings for offline playback.

Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile 11.5

Memorized Screen State

Mobile users now have their video maximized/minimized state remembered from meeting to meeting, instead of having it reset.

Options to Follow in Social Media

Mobile users now see “Follow on Twitter” and “Follow on FB” options in the About section of their Webex Meetings app.

Google Assistant Voice Command Support

We previously announced Google Assistant voice command support, but this feature has now been deferred to a future update.

Search by Recording Title

Android users can now search using their recording title, to pull up a list of meetings with that search keyword in their recording list.

Polling Support

Cisco Webex Training and Cisco Webex Event attendees on Android devices can now participate in polling.

Beta: Handoff to Windows Laptop

Handoff your ongoing meeting from your Android phone to your Windows laptop. Audio is automatically switched between devices, for both PSTN and VoIP.


  • New Desktop Application WBS33.6 or later required

  • Android and Webex Desktop app must be logged into the same account

  • Android Phone needs speaker to be enabled

  • Desktop device must have an enabled microphone

  • Users may need to disable their noise cancellation setting Beam Forming on their Windows device

  • Mobile device will have their speaker temporarily enabled (user will be prompted if user is on headphones)

  • Meeting handoff will take 20-30 seconds, during which meeting will be audible to users

  • If the desktop application is paired to a nearby endpoint device (such as a DX80), then the handoff prioritizes connecting its audio to that device first, instead of to your VoIP or PSTN audio

  • Macs and iPhones not yet supported

Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile 11.4

Modernized Flow Improvements for First Time Users

Users who haven't yet installed the Webex Meetings mobile app now see an improved first time experience. First time and guest users are taken to a mobile page which offers an easy way to join the audio-only meeting. After the meeting, users are shown a redirected page that offers the mobile app download for future meetings.

Users must still manually enter their access code when joining via this link.

Changes in the audio only meeting join section of their Webex Meetings email templates better clarify under what conditions users are able to join the audio-only meeting via that link. Learn more about joining meetings from Android.

This feature is dependent on the Cisco Webex Page WBS33.6, not on the mobile app version 11.4.

In-app Meeting List Improvements

Android users now see several improvements in their in-app meeting list experience, for their calendar scraped meetings:

  • View and tap on audio call-in information directly from their meeting information.

  • In-app access to the entire contents of the email and calendar invitation, so they will not have to exit the app to see it.

  • Access to join their meeting if the host has started that scheduled Webex meeting early (instead of being forced to wait until 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time).

  • Access to join a scheduled Personal Room at any point (instead of being forced to wait until 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time). If the host has not yet started their Personal Room, then the attendee will be taken to the lobby.

Learn more about meeting lists.

Internal Callback Number Support for CCA Customers

CCA customers are now able to use internal callback extensions to join the audio from the Webex Meeting app on their Android devices. Users can select “No country code” and specify their internal callback extension to get connected to the audio.

Audio Icon Indicators

Android users now see audio icon indicators for how their participants are joining. Icons show either a desktop PSTN audio connection, a desktop VoIP audio connection, or a mobile connection.

This feature is dependent on Webex site version WBS33.6.

Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile 11.3

Direct Join Into a Mobile App Meeting for all Customers

All Webex Meeting customers are now able to cross-launch directly into the Webex Meetings app from their native calendar, instead of redirecting to a mobile browser. This provides a faster join experience from mobile devices.

Attendee and Invitee Recording List Support

If a host decides to share a recording, mobile attendees and invitees with Webex host accounts will now be able to have access to that recording that they've attended or missed directly from their mobile recording list. Invitees must be on the permissions list that the host decides to share with.

This feature requires Webex site version WBS33.5 or later. OAuth support is required for mobile recordings, but not for the desktop application.

Mobile First Time Experience Join Flow Improvements

First time Android mobile users who cross-launch from their invitation, then install their app for the first time, are taken directly to the meeting without having to relocate their original meeting.

Official Support for Android P

Webex Meetings Mobile now officially supports the new Android P operating system.

Cisco Webex Events Video Support for Panelists

Android users who are panelists in a Cisco Webex Event are now able to send video.

Long-Duration Meetings

Android user are now able to schedule 18-hour or 24-hour meetings in directly from their Mobile Meetings Application.

Change Name of Call-in User

Android hosts and guests are now able to edit “Call-in users” in their participant lists with other names for better identification. Guest users are now able to edit it locally only, while signed in hosts are able to edit it for all users. This feature provides parity with Webex Meeting Mobile (iOS) and Webex Meetings desktop functionality.

Samsung DeX Limited Support

Webex Meetings Mobile now had limited Samsung DeX device support. Users can dock their Samsung devices to cast their Android Meeting App to a large screen.

Cisco Webex Events HD Video Support

Webex Events on Android now supports up to 720p High Definition video. This setting is enabled in Site Administration.

Callback Language Based on Device Settings

The language used in the callback prompts is now based on the local language settings on the Android device that is asking the meeting to call back. Previously, the language was based on the country code. All 16 Webex-supported languages are covered.

Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile 11.2

Mobile First Time Experience Join Flow Improvements

First-time Android mobile users who cross launch from their meeting invitation are offered the option to install the Meetings app on their device.

If they choose to install the Meetings app, they are taken directly to the meeting without having to re-locate their original meeting and select it again to join.

Grid View Support for Android Tablets

Android tablet users are now able to see a grid view layout, with up to 6 participants at a time.

This provides feature parity with Android smartphones.

Polling Support in Webex Meetings

Android mobile users are now able to participate in polling during meeting in Webex Meetings.

Native Google Search Improvements

Android mobile users can now use their native Google search to locate scheduled Webex meetings and recordings, using meeting title or host name.

Avatar Upload for Tablets

Android mobile tablet users can now upload and update their avatars directly from their mobile app.

Host Recording List Improvements

Recordings list users on Android are now able to search for their recordings, and delete the recordings that they no longer need.

Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile 11.1

First Time Join Improvement

Users who don't have a mobile app installed, who cross-launch from an invitation on their native device calendar, see a second option to join the audio-only meeting without having to install a mobile app. This is not dependent on version 11.1 of the app.

This feature is available only for sites with the following versions:

  • WBS31.28 or later

  • WBS32.16 or later

  • WBS33.3 or later

For more information on joining a Cisco Webex meeting on your Android device, see https://collaborationhelp.cisco.com/article/66h4du#topic_58091EB08F33D0432228D63843B9A2E8.

Ford Applink Improvements

Mobile users can now view and join Webex Meetings, Webex Events, and Webex Training sessions directly from their car dashboards, including meetings, events, and sessions pulled directly from their native device calendar.

Known Limitations:

  • For performance reasons, the car meeting list is limited to 20 meetings or sessions.

  • For Webex Events and Webex Training sessions, attendees must already be registered, or the session must support unregistered guests, in order to successfully join from the car.

  • Webex Events must already be started, in order to successfully join from the car.

Mobile Login Improvements

Mobile users on non-SSO sites can now experience automatic-login renewal, if they switch their site configurations to use OAuth authentication. In addition, SSO site timeout duration has been extended from 2 weeks to 2 months for sites that switch to OAuth authentication.

This feature is available only for sites with the following versions:

  • WBS31.28 or later

  • WBS32.16 or later

  • WBS33.3 or later

Touch ID Support for non-SSO Sites

Mobile users can enable Touch ID on supported Android devices, and then later easily and securely sign into that same site using their fingerprints. This is currently available only on non-SSO sites.

For more information on viewing your upcoming meetings on your Android device, see https://collaborationhelp.cisco.com/article/66h4du#topic_97576894A41B6C992EAE4BCDBBCC0B67.

Personal Room Favorites Pinning Support

Mobile users are now able to pin and unpin their favorite Personal Rooms for easy access on their signed in home screen

Personal Room History Improvements

Mobile users can now see up to 50 personal rooms cached in their recently-accessed list. Users will not have their Personal Room history cleared after sign out, unless it is specified in the in-app settings. Users will not have their personal room history cleared after upgrades.

A first-time sign out experience also informs users that they have a setting to retain their history is available if they want to leverage it. If the setting is enabled, Personal Room history is cached across multiple sites.

Host Recording Share Support

Mobile hosts can now share their host recordings with others via their mobile app recording list.

For more information about interacting in a meeting on your Android device, see https://collaborationhelp.cisco.com/article/66h4du#topic_3EFB29926B6F73F4A716810C9D7B3B8E.

Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile 11.0

Cisco Webex Branding

All mobile users now see our new logo and re-branded content throughout the product.

Annotations Support

Users are now able to annotate on a shared screen, simultaneously in real time while desktop users are annotating on the same screen.

For more information, see https://collaborationhelp.cisco.com/article/66h4du.

Cloud Video Device Support

Users can now detect cloud enabled devices or software, such as Webex Board, from their mobile app, and choose to connect to it from within their meeting. This is available now on all Webex Boards upgraded to the latest builds.

For more information, see https://collaborationhelp.cisco.com/article/66h4du.

Ford SYNC 3 AppLink Support

Ford drivers with SYNC 3 are now able to view their meeting list, launch or join their Personal Room or upcoming scheduled meeting, and view key meeting information all directly from their car dashboards. This can all be done with steering wheel-activated voice commands or by tapping the dashboard directly.

For more information, see https://collaborationhelp.cisco.com/article/66h4du.

Native Device Search Support

Users can now use their native device search bar to look for recently-joined Personal Rooms, or their own Personal Rooms to join.

This feature is not yet supported on Google Chromebook devices.

For more information, see https://collaborationhelp.cisco.com/article/66h4du.

Chromebook Screen Sharing Support

Webex Meetings users who can install Android apps on their Chromebooks are now able to share their screens directly from a Webex meeting, when joined from their Chromebooks.

For a full list of Chromebooks which support Android apps, see: https://www.chromium.org/chromium-os/chrome-os-systems-supporting-android-apps.

Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile 10.7

Avatar Upload Support on Smartphones

Android users are now able to take a photo or upload an existing picture to set their avatar, directly from their Webex mobile app.

This feature is only available if site administrators have not blocked users from uploading avatars.

This is not yet supported on Android tablets, only on smartphones.

Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile 10.6

Ford AppLink Beta Support

Ford automobile owners can now leverage their SYNC 3 car dashboards to join their scheduled Webex meetings or their own Personal Room using voice commands or dashboard taps, without picking up their phones.

Ford owners also have dashboard access to their meeting information while attending a meeting, along with muting/unmuting and leave meeting capabilities, without having to pick up their phones.

Phones must be connected by Bluetooth.

Video Layout Redesign

Users can now enjoy an equal-sized grid view layout of video participants and content share experience.

Remote Join Notifications for Scheduled Webex Meetings

Invitees and hosts can now receive join notifications prior to the scheduled start time of their scheduled Webex meetings. Prior join notification limitations still apply, see https://collaborationhelp.cisco.com/article/nowvmhw.

Join Notification Improvements

Users now have all of their past notifications cleared whenever the Webex app is launched. This removes outdated notifications.

What's New in Cisco Webex Meetings 10.5

Single Source Calendar

Users now have access to in-app settings to retrieve meetings from the native device calendar only. If enabled, the app will no longer attempt to retrieve and then merge meetings from both the Webex backend and the native device calendar.

This helps to solve an occasional issue where canceled or declined meetings would appear in the in-app meeting list.

What's New in Cisco Webex Meetings 10.4

Remote Join Notification Improvements

Users who receive remote join notifications are now taken directly to their meeting join screen or their own Personal Room start page, instead of to a generic meeting list page.

Single-Participant Meetings Ended After a Set Time

The mobile meeting app now detects when there is only a single participant in a Meeting Center meeting, Event Center event, or Training Center session. If there is only one participant, the app automatically ends the meeting after a specific number of minutes after the scheduled end time.

The number of minutes is determined by the site administration. If another attendee joins at any point before the set time, the meeting does not end.

This is to match existing behavior on the desktop application and the web app.

Usability Improvements

The following improvements were made to usability on Android:

  • Users can now see these improved error messaging when their audio connection fails:

    • "This site doesn't support audio. Contact your administrator for help."

    • "You can connect after the host joins audio."

  • Users now see improved share quality when presenting from their mobile device.

  • TelePresence attendees now have a clearer view of presented shared content.

What's New in Cisco Webex Meetings 10.3

No major updates in this update.

What's New in Cisco Webex Meetings 10.2

Remote Notifications

Attendees now receive join notifications outside of their mobile app on their devices when the host starts the meeting. Personal Room hosts now receive join notifications outside of their mobile app on their devices, when someone using the desktop application clicks "Notify host" while in that host's Personal Room lobby.

This feature is not currently available in site administration; it can only be enabled by request on a per-site basis.

This feature has some limitations:

  • Users only receive notifications for meetings from a site they are signed into, not other meetings in their meeting list that have been calendar scraped

  • Invitees still receive join meeting notifications, even when they decline the meeting in their Microsoft Outlook calendar

  • Notifications will not appear for countries which cannot connect to Google cloud (FCM) (e.g. China)

  • Notification language will not change if the user changes their native device language

For a complete list of limitations, see the section “Limitations and Known Issues for Join Notifications?” in the Cisco Webex Meetings for Mobile Devices article here: https://collaborationhelp.cisco.com/article/en-US/nowvmhw.

What's New in Cisco Webex Meetings 10.1

End-of-Support Notification for Android 4.1 and 4.2

Starting with this update, Cisco Webex no longer supports the Android version 4.1 and version 4.2 operating systems.

Join by SIP URI

You can now join meetings from your Android device by entering the SIP URI. Numbered formats are also accepted.

This feature is provided for parity with Webex Meetings for iOS.

New Support Portal

When you go to the Webex mobile support community from your Help screen, you are now directed to our new Collaboration Help Portal.

What's New in Cisco Webex Meetings 10.0

Floating Bar Automatically Hides

The floating bar now automatically hides after approximately three seconds, while the mobile user is viewing a share in full screen mode.

This feature works only in landscape mode.

Limited Support for the Android Oreo Operating System

With this update, we announce official support for the Android Oreo (“Android O”) operating system for Android mobile device users.

Please note the following limitations:

  • Cross-launching meetings from an email invitation or from the browser currently fails. A fix for this will be available in these updates:

    • WBS32.6.0.580

    • WBS31.18.0.124

    • WBS30.24.0.10008

  • In-meeting shortcut creation does not work in Android Oreo

Resolved Issues

Bug fixes in version 9.8

Bug Number



Fixed an issue in Android where meeting invitations sent from a system set to one language would not appear in the Webex meeting list if the invitee's Android device was set to a different language.

Bug fixes in version 9.6

Bug Number



Fixed an issue where users were able to write a chat message to the host and click Send, even though they should not be able to send message to the host.


Fixed an issue where the meeting app would become unstable or stop functioning with an “Out of Memory” error after rotating the screen several times when video callback was in progress.


Fixed an issue where the Mute/Unmute icon was always red after declining video callback from a telepresence system.

Bug fixes in version 9.5

Bug Number



Fixed an issue where Android devices were unable to join meetings using end-to-end encryption (E2EE).


Fixed an issue where Android users were locked when they updated to the Android API version 23.