For more info on XML API 39 and XML API 11, see the Cisco Webex Meetings XML API Updates Overview (XML API 39 and Earlier).

For more info on XML API 40 and XML API 11, see the Cisco Webex Meetings XML API Updates Overview (XML API 40 and Later).

For updates for XML API 11 SP9 and earlier, go to Cisco DevNet.

API 41.1.0 Updates

There are schema changes to the XML API 41.1 schema.

API 41.2.0 Updates

XML API 41.2.0 Updates

Click here to download the XML API 41.2.0 schema.

XMLAPI should support "CMR Hybrid VOIP" if the site supports Webex telephony

Impacted APIs

  • GetSite returns a new element IsWebexTelephony in the response.

  • CreateUser and SetUser can update the cmrHybridVoip element if IsWebexTelephony is true along with other conditions. IsTSPUsingTelephonyAPI is no longer consequential.

Schema changes

XML API: GetSite response returns an additional element IsWebexTelephony

GetSite response include this new element:


<ns1:serviceName>Personal Conference No.</ns1:serviceName>
<ns1:participantAccessCodeLabel>Attendee access code</ns1:participantAccessCodeLabel>
<ns1:subscriberAccessCodeLabel>Host access code</ns1:subscriberAccessCodeLabel>
<ns1:attendeeIDLabel>Attendee ID</ns1:attendeeIDLabel>



LstSummarySession supports EC2.0

XML APIs be impacted

LstSummarySession will return new two elements to support EC 2.0

Element Name



Supports EC 2.0 in a Webex meeting


Supports Webinar in a Webex meeting

Schema changes

XML API: LstSummarySession: Append the <enableEvent> and <enableWebniar> elements

Response of XML API: LstSummarySession

Response for EC 2.0



XMLAPI supports to return site user Webex-voice-assistant option for MCT integration

Affected API

GetUser returns a new element webexAssistantEnabled (true or false) in the response.

Schema changes


Response example