As a Webex administrator, you must do the following:

1. Enable Webex Assistant for Meetings in Control Hub.

2. Provision Webex Assistant for Meetings for an organization, an entire Webex site, or for specific users through license assignment.

Before you begin

Webex Assistant is available in Webex Meetings version 40.4 and later. This feature requires Cisco Webex video platform version 2.0 with joining meetings from video systems enabled.


From the customer view in, go to Services, and under Meeting, select Sites.


Select your site, and choose Configure Site.


Under Common Settings, select Site Options.


Under Webex Assistant Configuration, check or uncheck the Enable Webex Assistant check box.

When the check box is checked, Webex Assistant is available in meetings on your site.

To turn on Webex Assistant automatically when hosts start any meeting, check the Enable Webex Assistant when start meeting by default check box.

During the meeting, hosts will be able to turn off or turn on Webex Assistant.


Select Save.