Touch redirect works when you have connected your Windows 10 laptop to the Webex Board or Desk Pro with an HDMI cable and a USB-C cable. It’s well suited for tasks that involve drag and drop, drawing programs, and maps.

Touch redirect is initially only available when you’re not in a call.

The feature is tested and verified with Windows 10. Basic functionality should also work with another OS.

Touch redirect is only available on Desk Pro, Webex Board 55S, Webex Board 70S, and Webex Board 85S.


  • If you accept a call while using touch redirect, the connection will automatically be turned off. To continue touch redirect after the call, you must connect the cables again.

  • When you use touch redirect, you can’t use annotation on the screen you’re sharing.

  • Volume control on the Webex Board isn’t available when touch redirect is in use. Use the volume control from your laptop.

  • If the Webex Board has Touch 10 controller connected, you can’t move your self-view while a USB-C cable is connected to the board.

  • Touch redirect isn’t available with Companion Mode.

Enable Drag and Drop on Your Browser

To use touch redirect for drag and drop on your browser, you need to enable this on your browser.

  • Chrome: go to chrome://flags/#touch-events and set to Enabled.

  • Firefox: go to about:config and set Dom.w3c_touch_events.legacy_apis.enabled = true.

  • Edge: go to about:flags and set Enable Touch Events = always on.


If you are using a Windows 10 laptop, switch your laptop to tablet mode. Select the action center on the taskbar next to the date and time, and then select Tablet mode to turn it on.


2. Connect your laptop to a Webex Board or Desk Pro with an HDMI cable and a USB-C cable. You can use either a USB-C-USB-C cable, or a USB-C-USB-A cable.

Note: USB-C-USB-A cables are supported for longer cable lengths.


Touch redirect is available instantly if your Webex Board or Desk Pro is set up for autoshare. If not, select Share from the board’s user interface.

If you want to switch to other activities on the Webex Board while you’re using touch redirect, press the home button on the board.