If you have back-to-back meetings or need privacy in your Personal Room, lock the room. When the room is locked:

  • No one can enter the room until you unlock it.

  • You see a list of all attendees waiting in the lobby. The list indicates who has logged in and who has not. You can choose who to allow into the Personal Room meeting.

You can also set an option in your Personal Room preferences to automatically lock your room 0, 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes after the meeting starts. On your Cisco Webex site, go to My Webex > Preferences > My Personal Room > Automatic lock. From Modern View, go to Preferences > My Personal Room > Automatic lock.

For customers using an on-premises video device or for WBS33.8 and later users on Cisco Webex video platform version 1.0: If you set your meeting to automatically lock 0 minutes after the meeting starts, we recommend that you start your meeting from the Cisco Webex Meetings app so that you can admit participants. You won't be able to admit participants by using the video device. To find out which versions you’re using, see Find Your Cisco Webex Meetings Version Number.

During a meeting in your Personal Room, go to More options in the meeting controls, and then choose Lock Meeting or Unlock Meeting.

Your site administrator can allow unauthenticated attendees to enter an unlocked room if they have signed in recently within a specified time period. The default is two weeks.

If your site settings prevent unauthenticated users from entering unlocked rooms unless the host admits them, when the room is unlocked:

  • Attendees who have not signed have to wait in the lobby.

  • The host sees a list of who is waiting and can choose who to admit.