The Share allows you to connect the Cisco Webex Room Phone to a computer, and to a screen display. Use this feature to collaborate with your coworkers and clients.

You have two ways to connect everything together:

  • Wireless sharing—Allows you to connect the devices without cables. You can use your Webex app, which allows you to share through your Cisco Webex meetings app. This requires you to pair your phone and your meetings app. If you don't have a Webex account, then you use Guest share.

    This feature is only available if your administrator configures it..

  • Cable sharing—Allows you to connect the devices with HDMI cables. Everyone can use cable sharing to collaborate outside of a Webex meeting or call. But you can use cable sharing during a Webex meeting only if your administrator configures it.

You stop sharing if you accept a call, start a Webex meeting, or unplug a cable.

You can connect your Cisco Webex Room Phone to your Cisco Webex app with Proximity pairing. This gives you the proximity enabled features on the Webex meeting and teams app.

This feature is only available if your administrator configures it.

For more information, see "Webex Teams App Automatically Connects with Room and Desk Devices" ( or "Use the Cisco Webex Meetings Desktop App" (

Guest share allows you to share content wirelessly from your Cisco Webex Room Phone without a Webex app or Webex account.

As you use Guest share, note the following items:

  • Sharing works when the device is idle. When the device is in a call or someone else is sharing, you can’t start a share.

  • Audio plays through the laptop but not through the phone speakers.

  • Video streams at 1080p at 10 frames per second or 720p at 30 frames per second. Select Optimize for motion and video to ensure the best possible experience.

  • Guest share works on the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

This feature is only available if your administrator configures it.


Tap Share . Note the pairing code that displays at the bottom of your phone display and on your connected HDMI display screen.


In your browser, go to Enter the pairing code.


Input the 4-digit PIN that appears near the top of your device phone display.


Enter the pairing share code and 4-digit PIN every time you access A new PIN generates every 5 minutes so enter a new one if the old PIN expires.


In your browser, select the site icon in your address bar and grant permission to share your screen.


(Optional) If you're going to share video content, select Optimize for Video for a higher frame-rate and lower resolution. This gives a more fluid video sharing experience.


Tap Stop Sharing when you want to stop sharing your computer screen.

Always stop sharing before you close your browser window or laptop.

Connect your Cisco Webex Room Phone to a computer when you want to collaborate with your coworkers. This is an easy way to share information when everyone is in the same room or when Wi-Fi isn't available. Cable sharing is also available during Webex calls and meetings.

Before you begin

Confirm that your Cisco Webex Room Phone connect to your screen display.

Locate the screen HDMI cable that came with your device. The cables are color coded for easy identification and the computer cable has a blue tab on the end.


Connect the HDMI cable to the Computer port on the back of the phone. You can identify the port by the blue tab and the computer icon.

Your administrator may connect the cable when they install the phone.


Connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI port on your computer.


Share your information.

  • Share > Share a call to share during a call.
  • Wait for sharing to start if you are outside of a meeting.


Stop sharing when you done.

  • Accept a call or start a Webex meeting.
  • Unplug the cables.

  • Tap Stop share if you are in a call or meeting.