Where are people insights profiles available?

People insights profiles are currently available in Webex App, Meetings, Webinars, and Jabber.

People insights profiles in Meetings and Webinars webinar mode are available for hosts and users joining meetings or events on US-based cluster sites and are only available in English at this time. Users who join from non-US organizations can access the public people insights profiles of anyone who is in a meeting or event on a site that shows people insights profiles.

People insights profiles are available on Webex App globally. See the limitations in Data Residency in Webex.

What's new in people insights profiles

For the latest information about new features, check out What’s new in people insights profiles.

Where does the data come from?

People insights profiles only display publicly available information in profiles, similar to what can be found in search engine results for a person's name. If Directory Connector is enabled, people insights profiles will also display internal company directory information to users in the same company. This internal directory information is not visible to users outside the company.

The people insights profiles database doesn't look behind logins or paywalls, which means your profile won't be populated with content from sites like Facebook or LinkedIn—even if those links are displayed on your profile.

For in-depth information about people insights profiles, see the technical paper, People Insights Profiles: Creating a Human Collaboration Experience.


People insights profiles were designed with data protection and privacy in mind, and is aligned to GDPR requirements. This feature provides users with a view into their public presence and digital footprint, and includes functionality to honor data subject rights.

You fully own your people insights profile and can change your photo, edit or update your employment and education, and more. You can also hide individual sections of your profile or hide everything to keep your info private.

Learn more about our Data Protection & Privacy Program in the Cisco Trust Center.

How to show people insights profiles

To show People Insights profiles on your Webex site:

To use people insights profiles in Meetings and Webinars:

To use people insights profiles in Webex App:

Send feedback or report an issue

If you want to send feedback about people insights profiles or find an issue with your profile, report it directly from your profile. That way, the people insights profiles Support team will have all the info required to respond quickly.

If your profile is matched to the wrong person, select and select Wrong Person.

To send other feedback, scroll to the bottom of your profile, select Send feedback about People Insights, and then click in the field to select the type of feedback that you want to provide.