Stream to Workplace from Facebook

Before you begin

Your Webex administrator must enable live streaming and you must have a Workplace from Facebook account.

Make sure that you have signed in to Workplace from Facebook and become familiar with the process of live streaming well before you intend to live stream your meeting, webinar, or event.


Sharing a whiteboard and sharing a file using Share File, including sharing a video file, aren’t supported while live streaming.


Sign in to your Webex site and start your meeting, webinar, or event.


Go to More options More options, and click Start live streaming.

Live streaming isn't available during a practice session in a webinar or event.


Select Workplace from Facebook and sign in to your account, if necessary.


Give your stream a name and description.


Select your broadcasting options:

  • Share in Group—Posts your stream to a Workplace group that you choose.
  • Share on Your Timeline—Posts your stream to your Workplace timeline.

Select the video options that you want to toggle on or off:

  • Auto-Generated Captions—Allows for the captions of multiple languages to generate automatically.
  • Live Rewind—Viewer of your stream can rewind the broadcast.


If selected, the Auto-Generated Captions and Live Rewind options appear for viewers of your stream in Workplace by Facebook.


(Optional) Click Change streaming layouts to set the video layout of your stream.

For more information about selecting your streaming video layout, see Live Stream your Webex meetings, webinars, or events.


Click Continue, and then click Start Streaming to start streaming from Webex meetings, webinars, or events.

To confirm that you're streaming from Meetings, Webinars, or Events, check for the Live indicator in the upper-right corner of your meeting or event.

What to do next

When you want to end the live stream:
  • Go back to Workplace and select End Live Video > End .

  • Go back to your meeting or event, select More Options More options, and then select Stop streaming.

Beginning with the 41.7 update, hosts who are streaming meetings to Workplace from Facebook can interact with live stream viewers using the Workplace streaming comment feed that appears in the Multimedia Viewer. However, hosts, attendees, and viewers may experience the following issues:

  • Cohosts and attendees participating in the meeting can't see the comment feed in the Multimedia Viewer. This is currently a host-only feature.

  • If during a meeting the host starts live streaming to Workplace from Facebook while using the Multimedia Viewer, the comment feed replaces the multimedia being shared.

If you're using a Mac and have Google Chrome set as your default browser, the Workplace from Facebook home page loads instead of the New Broadcast page. Set your default browser to Safari to load the page correctly.