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Install and setup

Before Slack users can use Meetings, Webex site administrators must enable the integration before your Slack administrator can install the app. Users also need to have a host account on a valid Webex site. Slack administrators, workspace owners, and Webex site administrators can follow the steps below to get Meetings up and running.

Accounts on meetings.webex.com, meetingsln.webex.com, and Meetings server sites are not supported.

Known issues

These are the current known issues for Webex Meetings for Slack. Check back occasionally for updates.

Meetings integration

Now that you're all set up, get acquainted with the Meetings app commands and scheduling meetings in Slack. View a list of upcoming meetings and easily join when you're ready. You can also start or cancel meetings you scheduled.

The Meetings integration uses the timezone and language set in your Slack preferences.

Submit feedback

In a channel or direct message, type /webexhelp feedback, or email us at slack-webex-app-feedback@cisco.com.

Contact support

Contacting support varies depending on your Webex site and service provider. If you purchased Meetings through a partner or reseller, contact their support desk for assistance. Refer to this article for reaching support.