Dedicated Instance for Webex Calling System Configuration

This article is intended for Partner or Customer administrators. The document provides high level configuration details about the Dedicated Instance for Webex Calling System Configuration (Dedicated Instance) that is built for a customer which includes Unified Communications (UC) applications.

Network and Security Requirements for Dedicated Instance

This article is intended for network administrators, particularly firewall and proxy security administrators who want to use Dedicated Instance within their organization. This document primarily focuses on the network requirements and security for Dedicated Instance solution, including the layered approach to the features and functionality that provide secure physical access, a secure network, secure endpoints, and secure Cisco UC applications.

Auto-Provisioning of Webex App for Calling in Dedicated Instance

The autoprovisioning feature in Control Hub enables the self-provisioning of the user's devices for Webex Calling in Unified CM, without any administrator's intervention. When a user provisioned for Webex Calling in Dedicated Instance signs in with their registered email address or User ID into Webex App, corresponding device types are auto that is created in Unified CM.