What is the Purpose of the Index Column in Site Administration?

What is the purpose of the Index column in Site Administration?

What is the Index column for Service Types in Site Admin?

What is the meeting privilege column on the host import list?

How can I find meeting privilege codes?

Where can I find the codes for the Meeting Type (MT) attribute in a SAML assertion?


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Each active service type on a Webex site has an associated meeting privilege code. To obtain a valid code for this field, refer to the Index column on the Site Administration home page.

The numbers listed in the Index column correspond with the Session Types enabled on the site and are needed when creating host accounts via importing a .CSV file. The Site Admin would enter the desired index code in the 'Meeting Privilege' column of the .CSV file to identify which services the host will have access to.

See the screenshot below for examples of meeting privilege codes:

User-added image

Remember the following points for the Meeting Privilege column when importing users through site admin:

  • If your site includes the Access Anywhere meeting type, do not type its code in this field.
  • If any codes contain leading zeros, you do not need to type them. For example, if your meeting type code is 004, type only the digit 4 in this field.
  • You may specify multiple meeting types for any user account, if your organization has the appropriate licenses. To specify multiple service types, separate them with commas, but without spaces - for example: 15,120.

When adding or modifying a user account through a SAML assertion:

  • The codes for the Meeting Type (MT) attribute use these values to specify the session types a user may host.
  • The MT attribute may include multiple values. Separate each index code by a comma and enclose the field in to specify Webex Meetings Pro, Events, and Training)

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