Is it Possible to Create a Poll Prior to Starting a Webex Meetings?

Is it possible to create a poll prior to starting a Webex Meetings?

How do you create a poll prior to a meeting in Webex Meetings?


Webex Meetings doesn't offer a standalone poll editor.

See the workaround below:

  1. Start a meeting.
  2. Display the polling panel:
    1. Go to the View menu, then select Panels > Manage Panels...

      The 'Manage Panels' window appears.
    2. In the Available panels: section, select Polling, then click the Add >> button.
    3. Click the OK button.
  3. Create a poll with the desired questions, see: Manage Polls
  4. Go to the File menu, then select Save > Poll Questions.
  5. Choose a location to save the poll, enter a file name, then click the Save button.
  6. In your next meeting, enable the polling panel using step 2 above.
  7. Go to the File menu, then select Open Poll Questions....
  8. Select the previously created poll, then click the Open button.

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