Are there China toll-free Dialing Restrictions?

Are there China toll-free dialing restrictions?

China dialing restrictions

Are there any telephone dialing restrictions for attendees / hosts located in China?

China TOLL-FREE CALL-IN Access Number Change

Webex Audio customers using Toll-Free call-in from China will be provided with a new Toll-Free call-in access number for use by meeting participants located in China. Known as a “400 Series” number, this new access number provides nationwide coverage and removes the toll-free access restrictions that in some cases impacted the previous numbers.  There are no changes to Webex Audio offers or audio billing rates associated with this change.

The new number will be published in the global access numbers list as “China 400 Service.” It is complementary to the existing China North Toll Free and China South Toll Free numbers; all three numbers will be available to users with China Toll Free entitlements.

What you need to do:

  • No changes to user or site preferences for access numbers will be automatically generated as a result of this introduction.
  • If you want make the new China 400 Service number a default choice in meeting invitations, then you’ll need to select it via Site Administration. If your site is configured to allow end-users to choose their own default access numbers, you’ll want to advise them that the new number is available.
  • Any previously scheduled or recurring meetings for which you want the China 400 number to appear as a default choice will need to be rescheduled in order to ensure that calendar invitations display the new number.

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